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Lexicon Explorer

The Lexicon Explorer will show word definitions from the lexicons in your library for any Greek or Hebrew word. To display word definitions, just double-click on any Greek or Hebrew word in any resource with Greek or Hebrew text. Wordsearch 12 includes four word study resources that will work with this tool.

OneDrive Integration

Quickly and easily export your notes or lesson text directly to your OneDrive account with the push of a button. This means you can create a sermon or lesson in Wordsearch 12 and later access that sermon on your phone with no file copying or syncing needed.

Enhanced Sermon Building Tool

Save time in your sermon prep with ten new templates created to help start building your sermons. Sermon documents are also now able to be filtered, organized by date, and collapsed to give you more work space.

Enhanced Cloud Backup

Schedule cloud backups to automatically occur to ensure your library is saved and secure. Use the cloud to access all of your library and Wordsearch content from multiple computers with a cloud restore.

Customizable Toolbar

See what you want to see on the toolbar. With Wordsearch 12, you can now also unlock books right from the toolbar.

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