If you're new to Bible software, a wonderful experience is just ahead of you!

WORDsearch makes Bible study fast, easy, and fun. You are now just a few clicks away from putting a powerful, inspiring library on your computer.

Why use WORDsearch Bible software? It allows you to quickly search for Bible verses, compare Bible translations side-by-side, have multiple books open, and sync your Bible translations with your commentaries. You won't have to continuously flip through pages, and you'll be able to take your library anywhere without bringing a backpack full of books.

If you are just getting started, WORDsearch Basic is for you. It's FREE and comes loaded with some basic Bible study tools. Plus, you'll find over 200 more free books available for download on this website. Click here for details on WORDsearch Basic »

For more advanced features you can always upgrade to WORDsearch 11.   Click here for details »

Whether you begin with WORDsearch Basic or WORDsearch 11, you'll be on your way to building your own Bible study library. Thousands of helpful books are available from top Christian publishers. Start building your personal library today.


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WORDsearch Basic is a free entry-level Bible software platform for anyone who desires to read and study God's Word. WORDsearch Basic doesn't include some of the more advanced bells and whistles you'll find in the paid version of WORDsearch 11 , but you'll find that it does a lot! It has even been described as “easy to use as a web browser.” Best of all, WORDsearch Basic will work with every product offered on our website.

Here's How to Get Your Free WORDsearch Basic Now:

Simply CLICK HERE to download and register your free software.  It will self-install on nearly any PC or Mac. All you have to do is just follow the prompts. And don't forget the free stuff! As soon as WORDsearch Basic is on your desktop, come back to our website and click on the “Free Books” tab at the top of every page. You'll find a selection of over 200 Bibles, commentaries, devotionals and other study tools that are yours for the taking. It's a great way to begin building your Bible reference library.

A Few Features of WORDsearch Basic:

Wsb search
Lightning-fast Searches

You're going to be amazed at the powerful searching functions built into WORDsearch Basic. Finding any Bible text or information on any biblical topic is blazingly fast and intuitive. WORDsearch Basic makes it easy to do a "concordance search" on any word or phrase in any book or Bible in your library. Results are presented in seconds.

Wsb desktop
Easy Desktop

WORDsearch Basic makes it easy to organize your desktop. The program opens each window inside a single, manageable frame that "docks" books together with what you've already opened. Your desktop will never get cluttered. As you open more and more resources, WORDsearch Basic will tuck previously opened books behind current books. Handy tabs also allow you to bring the earlier books back forward.

Wsb word
Built-In Word Processor

This feature allows you to build lessons and sermons by dragging or copying text from any Bible or book. Now you can keep your own work within your library (and it becomes searchable), or export it to your favorite word processor.

Wsb toc
Table of Contents Filtering

If your library contains a large collection of books, you'll love this. Just type in a few letters of the title of the book that you're looking for and you'll find your book instantly.

Wsb library
Huge Library

WORDsearch Basic provides you with a study platform that makes over 3,500 Bible study volumes available from dozens of top Christian publishers. Many of these books sell for as little as 99¢. Over 200 books are FREE! Just browse the many categories on the website and add new tools to your Bible study library as you need them.

Wsb cross
Cross-Reference Explorer

This is a seriously powerful tool. When you click on this one button, WORDsearch Basic will search your entire library, instantly giving you a clickable list of every book you own that mentions the verse you are referencing. The larger your library, the more powerful this tool is! Never again will you need to manually sift through all your books to find a reference.

The Cross-Reference Explorer is like having a Bible scholar at your side who has read and memorized your entire library.

Wsb strongs
Talking Strong's

Simply right-click on any word in your Bible, and Strong's Dictionary pops up with the option to click on an audio icon that will pronounce any word for you.

Free Services Included with WORDsearch Basic:

Free iPad App (and more devices coming)

You are going to love this if you use an iPad when you're on the go. Nearly every book in your library can now go with you on the free WORDsearch iPad app. This free app allows you to use most of the books in your WORDsearch library on your iPad.

WORDsearch in the Cloud

WORDsearch has a cloud-based website called myWSB.com. Here you can sign in with your WORDsearch ID and password to access your study library from any computer or mobile device. This cloud-site is so new, all WORDsearch titles are not yet loaded, but soon all your content will be accessible here from any device.

Free SmartUpdates

This is like getting mini-upgrades for free. Each time you launch the program, WORDsearch Basic will check to see if a newer version is available. If so, it will ask you if you'd like to update your software (for free) to the very latest edition. Our programmers are constantly improving the program, and they're eager to pass improvements on to you.

Free Tech Support

WORDsearch Basic is so easy to use and so intuitive you may never have a problem or a question. But if you do, call 1-800-888-9898 toll-free and an expert support rep will answer any question and walk you through any problem.

Free Online Training

WORDsearch offers free live training online . These sessions are scheduled every week, and you'll be taught techniques from beginner to advanced by an expert trainer. All you have to do is sign up online for a scheduled lesson, log in, call in, and learn for free at your own pace.

Complete List of Features Included in WORDsearch Basic:

  • Quick Searching
  • Cross-Reference Explorer
  • Bible Notes
  • Word Processor
  • Settings Helper
  • Bible Reading Planner
  • Highlighting
  • Create Multiple Desktops
  • Social Media Application
  • Library Contents Report
  • Workbooks
  • Create, Store and organize your own documents
  • TOC Filters
  • Resource Filter
  • Print Preview
  • Quick Open Default Bible
  • Quick Open Default Commentary
  • Auto Sync Bibles and commentaries to the same verse
  • Window Docking and Undocking
  • Search Results
  • Adjust Text Size
  • Auto Open and Hide Resource/Library Panel Option
  • Auto Arrange Desktop
  • Bookmarks
  • Backup and Restore Option
  • Variety of Color Schemes
  • Keyboard short cuts for most used functions
  • Online Video tutorials
  • Online Help
  • View Bibles in various formats: Paragraph, Line by Line, Words of Jesus in Red
  • Custom Searches: by Range, Book...
  • Wildcard Searches and Boolean Searches
  • Smart Updating
  • Custom Captions for Windows
  • Talking Strong's Greek and Hebrew Words
  • Strong's auto linked to many Word Study Titles
  • Ability to grow Library from an ever expanding list of Titles
  • Englishman's Search off Strong's number