Wordsearch Bible - Mac Catalina Updates

March 25 - -
Internal testing is still underway for the web-based Wordsearch 12 access point. Another update will be posted in the next 24-48 hours.

March 23 - -
Internal testing is underway for the web-based Wordsearch 12 access point. Another update will be posted in the next 24-48 hours.

March 20 - -
We are still working on the browser-based solution. We'll be working on this throughout the weekend. Update to come Monday.

March 18 - -
The browser-based Wordsearch 12 access point solution is almost ready for internal testing.

Another update will be posted within the next 48 hours.

March 16 - -
Good progress has been made on the browser-based Wordsearch 12 access point solution. Internal testing should start soon.

We'd like to reemphasize that this is a TEMPORARY solution. Once the browser-based option is launched, we will continue working to provide an offline Catalina-compatible version asap.

Another update will be posted within the next 48 hours.

March 13 - -
We are still working on the browser-based solution. Update to come Monday.

March 12 - -
Unfortunately we have encountered another snag. The latest Catalina-based build resolved previous bugs but caused new ones. We are now working on making the browser-based option available for customers ASAP. Once the browser-based option is launched we will continue working towards an offline Catalina-based solution. An update will be provided within the next 24 hours.

March 10 - -
We are currently running a brand new WS12 build for Catalina through internal rounds of testing. This new build attempts to resolve the latest bugs we encountered​. At the same time we’re also just a couple of steps away from having the browser-based cloud option ready for public access. Hypothetically if this latest WS12 build for Catalina passes testing with flying colors, the browser-based option may be unnecessary. Another status update will be provided within the next 48 hours.

March 6 - -
We have some positive news to share with you all in regards to getting access to your program and books again if you're on a Mac OS Catalina device. Through some testing that took place today, we were able to run the WS12 program in a cloud-based streaming environment that we have built out through the Amazon Web Services cloud. Essentially, this will allow you to connect to the server we have structured and you will be able to have access to the full WS12 program. From there, you will just sign in to your account using your email and password and get access to all the books you've owned. To be very clear, this is NOT our long-term and permanent fix. We are still pursuing daily the ability to use the WS12 program in an offline state where the files are all stored on your hard drive. We've had some positive news on that front this week too for that fix, but it's still difficult to predict its final release date. However, for this temporary fix to allow you all to connect to the cloud to get access to your program/books, we're going to make it very easy for you to just be able to click a button from your My Account area which will connect you to the program. While it would be a bit foolish to put a firm guarantee on this, all signs point to us being able to release this access to you all around the middle of next week. We will be sending out an email to our entire customer base once this solution is live and at that time, provide you with the simple instructions on how to gain the appropriate access. Thank you again for your patience and we look forward to releasing this temporary fix very soon and also staying extremely dedicated to fixing the offline solution as well.

March 3 - -
Wordsearch is committed to getting our Mac users a working version of the desktop program as absolutely soon as possible. Within this effort, we are now closing in on a fix that would allow our users to get access to the Wordsearch desktop program by running the program "in the cloud" through some servers we are setting up. This will give you the ability from your Mac to easily connect to the server with an internet connection and then you will have access to your program and books. The overall fix for full offline use continues on as well of course, but as a temporary solution, we are nearing the release of this technology. More to come on a release date later this week.

February 26 - -
Wordsearch Bible is continuing to pursue any and all avenues to try to resolve the issue to allow our program to run properly on the Mac Catalina OS. Within the past few days, we have been able to get our program running on Catalina, but when attempting to do any major actions in the program, a bug prevents it from then operating properly. This is a bug we are actively working on resolving as quickly as possible. We are very hopeful that once this bug is resolved, that the end of our development process is very near and possibly even complete. In the meantime, we are also pursuing other opportunities for Mac users to be able to connect to a remote environment which will allow users to run the full feature WS12 version. While this would be more of a temporary solution, it would still allow our users full access to their programs and libraries in the meantime until our other coding has been completed. Testing of this remote environment are ongoing as of Wednesday afternoon, February 26, and we hope to have more news on its potential availability to our customers here very shortly.

February 24 - -

We were able to get a running program of WS12 on a Catalina OS environment late last week but then upon running some updates, ran into a bug. We are currently exploring all options of how to get a running program out to our customers as quickly as possible that will allow WS to operate on the Catalina OS. At this point, we are even considering if it's feasible to release a version of the program that doesn't have every single ability that WS12 does just to get something out to our customer base to begin working with, then provide the updates as they come available. Of course the main goal is to get the full functionality program out ASAP, and that's still the intention, but are also willing to explore other avenues if it means getting something out to our customer base in the meantime faster.

February 17 - -

A big breakthrough happened today with the development work and there is a chance that we have a testable download installer ready here maybe even tomorrow. It's a bit too early to tell if this was the major puzzle piece that needed to be solved, but if this turns out to be true, then we will quickly do some internal testing on it to determine if it's ready for the full release. More news to hopefully come on this tomorrow. Stay tuned.

February 12 - -

We have been able to move past last week's error in the code that was causing a delay. Our lead programmer is back to making the necessary code changes to try to push the Catalina fix towards its release. We're hoping to be able to provide a more accurate release date by the end of this week. In the meantime, we ask that you use our web app to read your resources on a Mac Catalina OS.

February 7 - -

This has been a very frustrating week for our development team as we got very close to prepping its release as we had a running version of Wordsearch running on Catalina OS. However, in recent days, we determined there was an error in the code that was delivered to us by our third-party vendor that now has to be resolved before moving forward. We're currently awaiting that fix.

February 3 - -

With work continuing throughout the weekend on this project, there were advancements made and our development team even got a version of Wordsearch 12 running on a Mac with the Catalina OS. At that point, during some testing on trying to run some updates, it triggered an error that the team is now working through. But, this was still significant progress made in getting a version of our software to run on Catalina. Once this issue is resolved, which should be fairly quick, we're hoping that the release will be very near from that point.

January 30 - -

The process has slowed down slightly in the past 48 hours with a couple of minor errors that have popped up. We're still hoping to able to do an internal test on a Catalina running Wordsearch program by the end of this week.

January 28 - -

Our internal development team worked throughout the weekend to process the test build that we received. The typical process here is that we must receive the files then do a large amount of converting of those files to get them to work within our internal processes. The conversion portion of the process can often times be the lengthiest part of the project. Through their diligent work, this was completed successfully on Monday. On Tuesday, some final checks will be run and then if all goes smoothly, we are hoping to send a build to our employees on Wednesday afternoon or first thing Thursday morning to be able to test the Wordsearch 12 program on Mac computers. If the testing of this phase goes well, then we will move to the final phase of the process, which is actually building the installer links to allow our customers to be able to access the download from their accounts.

Thanks again for your patience and we look forward to hopefully releasing this update in the very near future.

January 24 - -

In order to complete the necessary fixes for Wordsearch Bible to run on Mac OS Catalina, we have been working with a third-party company for over a year now to work towards a solution. As soon as Apple announced the intentions to move towards 64-bit requirements, Wordsearch began planning on how to resolve the issue. This third-party company specializes in converting Windows-based programs and retrofitting it to work in a Mac environment. Because of this, we have been waiting since the launch of OS Catalina on a build to arrive that we could implement and release.

Just as of this week, we have finally received a test build from our third-party company and have now been able to turn over that code to our internal programming development team. Initial tests on the test build are very promising and we are hopeful for a near-term release. This being said, there are still a couple of hurdles to clear and work will continue on these hurdles throughout this upcoming weekend to ensure that we get the fix out for everyone as absolutely soon as possible.

Overall, this week has been a tremendously large step in the right direction to resolving this very unfortunate and very long delay. We greatly apologize for the massive inconvenience this has caused, and we will look forward to sharing a more exact release date with you very soon.

Please stay tuned to this page as we will continue to provide updates as they become available.