Bible Biography Series - Joseph
The Patriarch of Character
Publisher: LBC Publications
Category: Sermon Helps

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  • Follows Joseph's triumphs and failures to reveal the deeper truths of God's Word
  • Verse by verse commentary assures you of solid, Bible based teaching
  • Beautifully alliterated to make each core truth more memorable

Product Details

Trace the evolution of the life of Joseph throughout the book of Genesis:

  • JOSEPH THE SON (Genesis 37)
  • JOSEPH THE SLAVE (Genesis 39:1-12)
  • JOSEPH THE SCANDAL (Genesis 39:13-40:4)
  • JOSEPH THE SEER (Genesis 40:5-41:36)
  • JOSEPH THE STATESMAN (Genesis 41:37-57; 47:13-26)
  • JOSEPH THE STRANGER (Genesis 42:1-45:8)
  • JOSEPH THE SHEPHERD (Genesis 45:9-47:12)
  • JOSEPH THE SUPERIOR (Genesis 47:29-49:33)
  • JOSEPH THE SAINT (Genesis 50)
  • JOSEPH THE SAVIOR (Genesis 37-50)

From the experiences of Bible characters can be learned many helpful lessons in matters of faith, godly conduct, and Christian service. God could have given the Scriptures to us only in the form of a rule book. But instead He wisely included in the Scriptures instructive and exciting biographies of flesh and blood people to whom we can easily relate. The Bible Biography Series is a study of twenty-seven prominent Bible characters whose lives provide us with much important truth for every person, age, and culture.

These books are expository studies of the Scripture which allow the Scripture determine the subject matter and lessons. They are also extensively outlined to organize and clarify the study. While the books, because they are biographical, emphasize the practical truths of the text, they also teach much doctrine where that is part of the text of study. The series includes books on Abraham, Daniel, David, Elijah, Elisha, Gideon, Hezekiah, Isaac, Jacob, Job, John the Baptist, Jonah, Joseph, Joshua, Lot, Mordecai, Moses, Nehemiah, Noah, Paul, Peter, Ruth, Samson, Samuel, Saul, and Solomon.

About the Author

John G. Butler has been a Baptist minister for over half a century with "pastorates in Williamsburg, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; and Clinton, Iowa. He is a veteran of the United States Navy, attended Tennessee Temple University and graduated from Cedarville University. Butler is also the author of the Bible Biography Series —a twenty-seven volume series about major Bible characters; the Studies of the Savior —a ten volume series about Jesus Christ; and, the Daily Bible Reading—a unique four volume devotional series that emphasizes expository Bible study.


John Butler has produced a powerful and practical series on the lives of biblical characters. These expository books are thoroughly organized and outlined, and will help preachers and Bible teachers in preparing sermons or lessons. You will be blessed by the author’s alliterative style, which stamps every message with a subtle, poetic flair.
Dr. Stephen F. Olford, The Stephen Olford Center for Biblical Preaching, Memphis, TN