Student's Life Application Bible Notes
Category: Study Notes, Topics

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  • Helps today's youth easily discover God's perspective and how to apply it to their lives
  • Gives a clear interpretation of what the Bible says about important issues surrounding teens today
  • Easy to read and understand - tells the reader what the Bible is saying in modern English
  • Even makes the Old Testament interesting and enjoyable to read

Product Details

This popular teen study Bible comes complete with index helps as well as numerous other resources that bring the Bible to life. Maps are clear and easy to read, life application notes and highlighted memory verses focus on important scriptures, personality profiles of major Biblical figures help develop a clear understanding of why what a person did was so important, and student are led to key scriptures that deal with issues directly related to young people today such as AIDS, homosexuality, abortion, gossip, cults, honesty, prayer, etc.

The Student's Life Application Bible also contains notes written by today's leading youth experts. It's the ultimate teen study Bible!

  • Contains useful indexes and notes to help explain key verses
  • Maps are clear and easy to read
  • Guides the student to scriptures pertaining to issues that directly relate to young people today
  • Contains notes written by today's leading youth experts
  • Also a great resource for the new Christian of any age