Moral Dilemmas

Watch what happened when Lizza, a 15-year-old Christian, started dating Matt, an older non-Christian.

February - Lizza brought Matt to some youth group meetings and activities. He said her church friends were "OK," but he wanted her to do things with his friends, too.
March - Lizza asked Matt to the spring retreat. He snapped, "Lizza! If you want to date St. Peter, go for it. But that's not for me, OK?"
April - Lizza began going to parties and heavy metal concerts with Matt and his pals.
May - Lizza's church/youth group attendance dropped drastically. She quit youth choir.
June - Lizza had her first cigarette, beer, and sexual experience.
July - Lizza and her parents fought almost all month because she wouldn't "break up with that bum!"
August - Lizza has now gone 4 1/2 months without reading her Bible (she isn't even sure where it is).

"Wait a minute!" you say. "Do Christian/non-Christian relationships always turn out bad? Haven't Christians fallen in love with nonChristians and led them to the Lord?" Yes. But that is rare. It's a sad fact that healthy Christian/non-Christian dating situations are the exception. First Kings 11:1-13 shows how you can get burned through close relationships with those who don't share your spiritual beliefs and values.