L E S S O N 2
JOHN 1:1-34

on your life

1 Describe yourself without referring to your appearance, career, or accomplishments.

2 How would you describe God to a person who has never been to church?

the passage

Read John 1:1-34 and the following notes:

• 1:1 • 1:3-5 • 1:4, 5 • 1:8 • 1:14 • 1:18 • 1:29

3 What are some of the words John (the Gospel writer) uses to describe Christ?

the principle

4 What did people know about God before Jesus came?

Communication is difficult without having common experiences or understanding. Ideas may be interesting, but they must be fleshed out to be meaningful. God became flesh in Jesus Christ. No longer do we have to guess what God is like or just discuss him as a concept. Jesus is God come to earth to take away our sins and to give us new life. If God cares that much about us, we can trust him with our daily concerns. Because Jesus is God, we know that what he says is true; we know that his death on the cross really was for sin; and we know that we should obey him and imitate his life.

5 How are Jesus' words and life unique?

6 How are his words and life common to all human beings?

to the message

7 What does Jesus' life tell you about God?

8 How does the fact that God's Son came to earth as a human being affect your faith in him?

9 What evidence for Jesus' deity does John appeal to in these verses?

10 How is your faith impacted by the fact that Jesus is God?

to take action

11 As you encounter the frustrations and difficulties of daily life, remind yourself that Jesus became fully human and experienced frustrations and feelings similar to yours. What will remind you of this fact this week?

A What does it mean to live in the light of Christ?

B What characteristics of God can others recognize in your life?

C In what areas of life are you stumbling around in darkness?

D What was John the Baptist's mission in life? What qualities of John the Baptist do you admire? How do you need to be open to God so that he will develop these qualities in you?

E According to verse 29, Jesus came to take away the world's sin. In John 1:1-34, how does this happen?

F What is new in the life of a person who has been reborn?