That's Easy for You to Say
Your Quick Guide to Prounouncing Bible Names
By: W. Murray Severance

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  • Hear over 7,000 words pronounced
  • Great for teaching and sermon preparation
  • Includes every acceptable pronunciation of every proper name in every major translation of the Bible
  • An indispensable resource for any preacher or teacher of God's Word
  • This is the third edition of what was originally entitled Pronouncing Bible Names.

Product Details

When preaching or teaching, do you ever skip over a hard to pronounce word in the Bible? If so, this book is a must have for you.

This handbook includes phonetically correct spelling for more than 7,000 Biblical names, including every proper name in every major translation of the Bible. Guidelines are based on Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic speech.

In addition, you can also hear the audio pronunciation of every word by Murray Severance, an internationally recognized authority on the pronunciation of Bible names. Never stumble over a word again, instead pronounce it with confidence!

About the Author

W. Murray Severance graduated from Wake Forest University in 1947. He resides in Nashville, Tennessee and is involved in several other phonetically spelled dictionary projects.


A First Rate Publication
Dr. Brian M. Sietsema, Pronunciation Editor for Merriam-Webster
Out staff and leaders have enjoyed That's Easy for You to Say. It has been fun to learn together and to have more confidence in reading aloud passages which contain names which were previously skipped over or feebly attempted
Rosemary Jenson, Executive Director of Bible Study Fellowship