The Complete Word Study Dictionary - Old Testament
For a Deeper Understanding of the Word
Publisher: AMG Publishers
Category: Word Studies
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  • General Entries include the Strong's number, the Hebrew or Aramaic word, and the
  • transliteration into English.
  • Special Notations in the concordance information identify major reading
  • differences between the KJV, NASB, and NIV translations of the Bible.
  • Proper Noun Entries are subdivided in order to identify different places and/or
  • individuals that have the same name.
  • A Translational Reference Index of the Old Testament lists each word of the King
  • James text followed by the Strong's number for each Hebrew or Aramaic word that
  • is translated by that English word.

Product Details

The Complete Word Study Dictionary Old Testament is the final volume in AMG's Word Study Series, published to make biblical languages clear to every student of the Bible. This lexicon is a companion volume to The Complete Word Study New Testament. Keyed to Strong's numbers and grammatical codes above the English text. Allows even those with no knowledge of Hebrew or Aramaic to complete an effective word study of the Old Testament.

About the Editors

Warren Baker, S.T.M, D.R.E., is the Senior Editor of AMG Publishers. He co-authored the Complete Word Study Dictionary: Old Testament, was general editor of the Complete Word Study Strong's Concordance and the Complete Word Study Old Testament, and served as managing editor of the Complete Word Study New Testament, The Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament, and the Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible.

Eugene Carpenter is the Divisional Chair of Religion and Philosophy, Professor of Old Testament, Biblical Theology and Biblical Languages at Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana. Dr. Carpenter has authored or contributed to seven books, including a commentary on the Book of Exodus in the NICOT Series and a commentary on the Book of Daniel.


Spiros Zodhiates' Word Study helps are a favorite among our Precept students. I am very excited to recommend the new Complete Word Study Dictionary of the Old Testament.
Kay Arthur, CEO and co-founder of Precept Ministries International