Dictionary of the Later New Testament & Its Developments
A Compendium of Contemporary Biblical Scholarship

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  • Over 230 in-depth articles
  • Hundreds of cross-references
  • Extensive bibliographies
  • Subject and Scripture indexes
  • One of the 1998 Academy of Parish Clergy Top Ten Books of the Year!
  • Voted one of Christianity Today's 1998 Books of the Year!
  • Named as one of the 850 Books for Biblical Expositors by the Master's Seminary
  • Named one of the Best 100 Christian Books Ever Written by Frank Viola

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The Dictionary of the Later New Testament & Its Developments follows the Dictionary of Jesus and the the Gospels and the Dictionary of Paul and His Letters as the third in a celebrated series of reference works on the Bible. Picking up where the previous volumes left off, this volume includes in its scope the book of Acts, the general epistles of Peter, James, Jude and John, and the books of Hebrews and Revelation. This Dictionary is without peer in its in-depth coverage of the most neglected books of the New Testament.

In addition to its coverage of this New Testament literature, a unique and valuable feature of the Dictionary is its extended coverage of developments in early Christianity through A.D. 150. Some articles, such as those on each of the apostolic fathers, focus exclusively on this postapostolic period. But nearly all topical articles take into consideration the writings of the apostolic fathers. Readers will enjoy a deeper and expanded understanding of orthodox Christianity continued and developed in the years following the New Testament era. No other single volume reference work provides comparable coverage and assessment of the early patristic era and its theology.

The Dictionary of the Later New Testament and Its Developments is a timely response to post-Enlightenment Christians who are seeking to rediscover their ancient roots in the soil of the first two centuries of the Christian era. And it lays the foundation for budding students of the New Testament who are now being challenged to expand their field of vision to include the broader crucible in which the Christian tradition developed.


"The Dictionary of the Later New Testament & Its Developments is a welcome—and much-needed--companion to the DJG and DPL. Written by a broad range of contributors, it covers a wide range of topics, not only on the rest of the New Testament but also on the early second-century church. The articles are of consistently high quality, with superb bibliographies that should cause them to be the first place one turns for most of the topics covered in this excellent volume.
Gordon D. Fee, Professor Emeritus, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada