The Great Cover-Up
A Biblical Way to Better Health
Publisher: Wordsearch

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Product Details

The Great Cover-Up is a short Bible study designed to bring renewal and transformation to your life. With personal testimony, Scripture, and warm honesty, the author demonstrates how our past can have a dynamic effect on our present and our future. In particular, the study deals with where, when, why, and how addictive behaviors form into strongholds. Armed with this knowledge, the author takes the reader down a path that leads to freedom, acceptance, and victory. Anyone struggling with a compulsive behavior or helping others with compulsive behaviors, will be encouraged, reminded of the Father's love, and gently spurred on to take the freedom for which Christ died to give.

About the Author

Benny L. Williams was born in Louisville, Kentucky. Benny attended Joe Thomas School of Music, Louisville public schools, Western Kentucky University and Boyce Bible College. Benny received his Bachelor’s degree from the Christian Institute of Biblical Studies and graduated in 2001. He has served as the Pastor of Mt. Nebo Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky for the past 29 years. He is the co-founder of the Mt. Nebo Bible College and the President of Possessing the Land Ministries. He has participated in short term missions through Kentucky Kenya Partnership and is presently a team leader for Project Zambia Missions Program. Benny has served on the National Baptist Song Leaders Convention Youth Board, Kentucky Baptist Executive Board, Long Run Baptist By-Vocational Pastors Committee, and United Crescent Hill Ministry Board.

Benny has also served as a Lead Sales Associate for LifeWay Christian Book Stores for over twenty years and is often referred to as the "pastor's pastor." Consistently giving prayerful support and Spirit-filled counsel, his ministry to his customers at LifeWay has been a high privilege. In addition to his pastorate and sales positions, he is the author of three books, a number of sermons, Bible studies, and group study guides.