Easy-To-Read Commentary: Revelation
Tribulation and Triumph
By: Practical Christianity Foundation
Publisher: Green Key Books
Category: Commentaries

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The King is coming...

The Book of Revelation has been the source of controversy for several hundreds of years. With the countless interpretations available, it seems that understanding the last days has never been more difficult. Read what some scholars have proposed, learn the strengths and weaknesses of these theories, and form your own opinions about the most studied yet least understood book of the Bible. Revelation has always been controversial, often intimidating, and especially open to broad interpretation. With its graphic imagery, imminent predictions, and profound significance, the Revelation promises judgment for the wicked, hope for the righteous, and blessing for all "who keep the words of the prophecy of this book."


While much work has been done on the Book of Revelation, the text remains difficult and challenging to understand. It is controversial to the scholar and intimidating to the average believer. However, in their latest devotional commentary, PCF presents a meaningful and intuitive meditation on each verse for all believers. It is a credible, honest, sincere, and engaging study. It is challenging to the scholar, appealing to the skeptic, and nurturing to the seeking.
Josh McDowell, Author