Holman Illustrated Study Bible
Visualize, Explore, Discover

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  • Detailed introductions to help you understand the context and background of the book
  • Over 700 full-color photos
  • Approximately 200 charts, maps, illustrations, and reconstructions
  • Comprehensive overview of the Intertestamental Period
  • Millennial perspectives on Revelation
  • Prophecies of Jesus Second Coming

Product Details

A Visual Study Bible For Today's Generation

We live in a visual society, where a picture is worth a thousand words. The way we gather, develop, and process information has changed in the last 50 years. The Holman Illustrated Study Bible combines words and images to increase your knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures. You'll see more, discover more, and remember more.

What Was Real Life Once Can Change Yours Today

The things that made life "normal" for people in biblical times are lost to modern readers who have no idea how to get from Tarsus to Damascus and couldn't begin to know that Nahor was related to Laban or how long a "two stadia" walk would take. Yet, knowing this information can make the difference between understanding what God is saying to you and missing the point completely.

Discover The Bible That Reveals Life Then And Now

The Holman Illustrated Study Bible is the most informative Bible ever created for daily reading and study. It includes more maps, photos, charts, graphics, and helps than any other Bible ever published! Whether you are engaging in small group studies, church or personal study, this Bible will bring to life the Scriptures in a way you never thought possible!