Life and Works of Rev. Charles H. Spurgeon
Graphic Account of the Greatest Preacher of Modern Times
By: Henry Davenport Northrop
Publisher: Wordsearch

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  • His boyhood and early life
  • Wonderful success in London
  • Preaching to vast audiences at the Crystal Palace
  • Surrey Music Hall and in the Open Air
  • Metropolitan Tabernacle
  • Pastor's College

Product Details

This volume on the Life and Works of the Reverend Charles Haddon Spurgeon has endeavored to paint a picture of C.H. Spurgeon, beginning with an interesting narrative of his life, choice selections from his sermons and lectures and a large collection of extracts from his most famous writings.

This book is actually three books in one. The first is about Charles Spurgeon's life and labors. The second contains sermons and lectures of Spurgeon. The last is Spurgeon's famous, "John Ploughman's Talk and Pictures."

About the Author

Henry Davenport Northrop(1836-1909) was the pastor of the Seymour Congregational Church from 1857-1858. Reverend Northrop was a well-known historian and was a popular writer of the 1880s and 1890s. He catered to the taste for the eye-opening spectacle of human variety. He was the IMAX theater of his day, with heavily illustrated books such as Marvelous Wonders of the Whole World.