For the Love of Mike
The Michael MacIntosh Story
Publisher: Horizon Press

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Michael MacIntosh had seen and done it all: Marriage on a whim that lasted six weeks; UFO-watching in a drug-induced haze; incarceration in the mental ward of the Orange County Medical Center. He was a free spirit, a product of the 60's. He couldn't have been more miserable. By 1970, his desire to follow the lifestyle of the Beatles had led him nowhere, and on his twenty-sixth birthday, MacIntosh found his true Savior — Jesus Christ. Two years later, he was ordained, his marriage was restored and, in 1974, he started teaching a Bible study in San Diego. Twelve people were in the original group. Today, more than 100 churches have started from this original group and millions are being reached directly through one of Mike's ministries.

About the Author

Dr. Sherwood Eliot Wirt, “Woody”, as his friends called him, was born in 1911. He served as a chaplain in the U.S. Air Force, pastored several churches, and held Ph.D.’s in theology and psychology from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland (Class of ’51).

Dr. Wirt was originally a newspaper journalist, but eventually became the founding editor of Decision, a monthly magazine which Billy Graham established in the 1960s and which is still in circulation today. In 1978 he founded the San Diego Christian Writers Guild.

Dr. Wirt is known to have ministered and traveled with Dr. Billy Graham for nearly 40 years. As a friend, he knew Mr. Graham intimately and not just as a public figure. Wirt is the author of forty-two books including Billy: A Personal Look at Billy Graham,. Dr. Wirt passed away in his sleep on November 8th, 2008.

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... a message of hope to those whose lives have been marred and twisted by the underside of modern culture
Dr. Billy Graham, American evangelist