The Ultimate Bible Outline Book
Every Book of the Bible Made Simple
Publisher: AMG Publishers

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  • Excellent information about author of each Bible book, the date it was written and why, and its first readers
  • Introduction to and outline of each chapter
  • Helpful summaries include a reading plan, distinctive features of each book, verses to memorize, Bible studies, statistics, names and titles, symbols, helpful keys and themes, and links with Jesus
  • Select bibliography

Product Details

Whether you are a first time reader or seasoned Bible student, this volume will help you to appreciate the main themes of each of the sixty-six Bible books, as well as every chapter within them. A treasure trove of Bible study material, features and lessons, it is in essence one vast do-it-yourself Bible study course, broken down into hundreds of short, easily managed studies. With its judicious selection of passages from the finest commentaries available on the Bible and comprehensive original outlines of the main features of each book and chapter, keep The Ultimate Bible Outline Book next to your own Bible. Make this book your personal aid for biblical understanding and spiritual growth.

About the Editor:
John Hunt, who lives in the United Kingdom has been a publisher for years with his own publishing company—John Hunt Publishing. For the past years he has compiled numerous references books for AMG and is responsible for the bestselling, multi-volume Made Easy series. John, his wife, and children live in Alresford, Hants.