Concise Introduction to the Bible
Publisher: AMG Publishers
Category: Surveys

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  • What is the Old Testament?
  • What is the New Testament?
  • How can a reader make sense of them?
  • What does inspiration mean?
  • How does the Bible all fit together?

Product Details

Most people are vitally interested in answers to the big questions of life. Where did we come from? Why are we here? What makes us tick or what is the nature of humankind? How did we get in the predicament we are in? What is our future? We avidly read all kinds of literature on human beginnings, human psychological makeup, the present state of human affairs, and human destiny. We consider any literature that deals with these questions relevant and timely.

Preeminent among all literature about the big questions of life is the Holy Bible. Not only does it report human opinions, but it also gives divine insights into all the issues of life. Thus, it gives perspectives and answers available nowhere else. Viewed from this standpoint, the Bible is not some book out of the musty past that has only antiquarian interests for a few with a nostalgic bent; but it has a vital, contemporary relevance.

Dr. Vos brings the Bible to life, not only as he recounts the events of biblical history, but also as he makes it relevant for the readers of the twenty-first century. The Concise Introduction to the Bible is for every person who has ever wanted to get a firm grasp on Bible history and Bible meaning, but didn't have a clue how to do it or where to begin.

About the Author
Howard F. Vos is Emeritus Professor of History and Archeology at The King's College, Tuxedo, New York. He has his Th.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary and his Ph.D. from Northwestern University and has authored more than 40 books. He is a frequent contributor to Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias.