Three Reasons Why I Love The Word Of God

Title: "Three Reasons Why I Love The Word Of God"

Theme: "The Importance Of God's Holy Word — I Love It"

Text: Psalms 119:97, 140

  1. Reason Number One — It's Divine Dictation
    "The Bible Is Uncomparable"
    1. The Bible's Author & Preparation
    2. The Bible's Authenticity & Preservation
    3. The Bible's Aim & Presentation
  2. Reason Number Two — It's Distinct Direction
    "The Bible Is Undeniable"
    1. The Bible Exalts The Saviour — How Wonderful
    2. The Bible Exposes The Sinner — How Truthful
    3. The Bible Edifies The Saint — How Helpful
  3. Reason Number Three — It's Daily Digestion
    1. The Bible & It's Availability
    2. The Bible & It's Reality
    3. The Bible & It's Dignity
    4. The Bible & It's Profitability
    5. The Bible & It's Dependability

A Good Look At Christ

Title: "A Good Look At Christ"

Theme: "The Coming & Characteristics Of Christ"

Text: Revelation 1:7-8; I Thessalonians 4:13-18

"The second coming is a matter of speculation, argumentation, inspiration"

  1. Christ & His Glorious Coming
    1. His Visible Coming
      • Recieved Him
      • Rejected Him
      • Resisted Him
    2. His Vengeful Coming
      • Claim His Rightful Place
      • Carry Out His Righteous Punishment
      • Conduct His Rejected Plan
    3. His Victorious Plan
      • Concerning The Saints
      • Concerning The Sinners
      • Concerning Old Satan
  2. Christ & His Glowing Characteristics
    1. He Is The Omniscient One (Alpha & Omega) All Knowing One
      • He Engulfs It All — A to Z (Letters Accumulate Wisdom)
      • He Can Take Care Of Anything
      • He Is The All Knowing One — He Knows You
    2. He Is The Omnipresent One (Is, Was, Is To Come) All Present One
      • Gods Transcendant Presence
      • God Just Is
      • What Is He To You — Your Needs, Problems, Strength, Solution
    3. He Is The Omnipotent One (Almighty) All Powerful One
      He Can Handle Anything — He Is The Almighty One
      1. Specializes In Your Salvation — dispite doubters, devil, foes, fears, faults, failures
      2. Specializes In Your Sanctification — He keeps me saved, He Holds me
      3. Specializes In Your Situation — problems, pains, perplexities — Take it to Him
      4. Specializes In Your Satisfactions — he will satisfy the lonely, the hurting, the sick

It's Still About The Blood

Title: "It's Still About The Blood"

Theme: "Salvation Is Only By The Blood Of Jesus"

Text: Exodus 12:1-30; Hebrews 9:22

  1. The Mandate Of The Shed Blood — It's Requirement
    1. The Blood Was Historically Required
    2. The Blood Was Personally Required
    3. The Blood Was Literally Required
    4. The Method Of The Shed Blood — It's Appointment
    5. The Precious Lamb Had To Be Selected
    6. The Precious Lamb Had To Be Separated
    7. The Precious Lamb Had To Be Sacrificed
  2. The Marks Of The Shed Blood — It's Placement
    1. It's Placement Would Be Clearly Visable
    2. It's Placement Would Be Humanly Horrible
    3. It's Placement Would Be Strangely Acceptable
  3. The Meaning Of The Shed Blood — It's Atonement
    1. The Wonderful Sufficiency Of The Atonement
    2. The Delightful Security Of The Atonement
    3. The Thankful Supremacy Of The Atonement
  4. The Miracle Of The Shed Blood — It's Amazement
    1. Those That Required The Miracle
    2. Those That Remembered The Miracle
    3. Those That Retold The Miracle