Following God: Life Principles for Following Christ
By: Richard Shepherd
Publisher: AMG Publishers
Category: Lessons

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When we think of Jesus Christ, we conjure up different images. Sometimes we see Christ as a sacrificial lamb, while at other times we see him as the conquering King of Kings, the great I AM! Sometimes, we see Jesus as the gentle master-teacher or Rabbi, while other images picture a warrior ready to do battle with His enemies. Life Principles for Following Christ looks at Christ in both the Old and New Testament (paradoxes and all) and shows how Scripture unveils a complete portrait of rare value, a picture of God Himself, revealing His holiness, His love, His power, and His awesome plans and purposes for man.

This latest installment in the Following God line of Bible studies can be seen as a collection of twelve Christ—portraits that reveal Jesus in His multifaceted Glory, view Him in His magnificent beauty, and allow us to experience Him in the magnitude of His Power. Each portrait expresses something unique about His person and His work. Each conveys an avenue of worship and surrender, a point of love and adoration and a path of obedience to follow.

In the pages of this book, you will find answers to such questions as:

  • What was God's purpose in creating mankind in the first place? What role does Christ play in this purpose?
  • For what purposes did the Angel of the Lord appear in the Old Testament? What does the occasional, ancient appearance of this "Angel" have to do with Jesus of Nazareth?
  • Are you looking to God as your Prophet, Priest, and King?
  • Christ is pictured in various scriptures as the "Lamb of God". What does the picture of a lowly lamb have to do with the purposes and plans of God? How can God be the Lamb and the Good Shepherd at the same time?
  • What role did prayer play in Christ's earthly ministry? How does the praying ministry of Christ affect us today?

About the Author
Richard L. Shepherd has been engaged in some form of ministry for more than twenty years, focusing on areas of teaching, discipleship, and prayer. He has served in churches in Alabama, Florida, Texas, and Tennessee and now serves as Director of Prayer and Spiritual Awakening with the Florida Baptist Convention. The Lord's ministry has taken him to several countries, where he has been involved in training pastors, church leaders, and congregations. Rick has also lectured on college and seminary campuses. He graduated with honors from the University of Mobile and holds a Master of Divinity and a Ph.D. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He and his wife Linda Gail have four children and make their home in Jacksonville, Florida.


This study consistently takes the student to the Word of God. A refreshing study that stays true to scripture.
Henry T. Blackaby, co-author Experiencing God
If you long to understand how God dynamically works in the lives of people like you and me, Following God will be food for your soul.
John MacArthur, pastor, Grace Community Church