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Treasures From Genesis
Author: Rod Mattoon
Publisher: WORDsearch
Category: Commentaries

Available on Desktop available Cloud available Ios available Android available

This product is an electronic addition to your WORDsearch 11 , WORDsearch 10, or FREE WORDsearch Basic program. This is not a physical book or a stand-alone program.

Product Highlights

  • Includes 82 character trait studies
  • Notes on customs of Bible lands during the time of the patriarchs
  • A wealth of expository notes

Product Details

Exclusive to WORDsearch, Treasures from the Scriptures are expository, verse-by-verse commentaries that emphasize practical application. Each commentary is outlined in an alliterated style and features sermon illustrations that illuminate the Bible text.

One of our best-selling authors, Dr. Rod Mattoon is a master of words. He chooses his words very carefully so everything you get is the core truth. This work is also loaded with illustrations and applications. Mattoon has a knack for giving you exactly what you need, when you need it.

Treasures from the Scriptures is expository and topical. If you are an expository preacher who likes taking Scripture one verse at a time, this commentary will provide. If you like to preach topically, the topical and character trait studies in this volume bring your studies to life. The topics are indexed so they are searchable in WORDsearch.

Easy-to-understand Greek and Hebrew word studies take you deeper in the Word without getting too technical. As you follow Mattoon’s verse-by-verse approach, you’ll discover he gently dips into the well of biblical languages and always emerges with a clean, fresh understanding of a difficult word.

Mattoon also alliterates almost everything. He helps you by alliterating all of his outlines, sermon points, and key Bible truths. Best of all, every lesson of this commentary has been field tested. Mattoon has actually preached everything he has written.

You’ll find the features of this commentary are easy to apply to sermons, lessons, and sharing with others. This commentary series is used every day by pastors, teachers, and Bible students in thousands of churches and over 200 Bible schools and colleges.

Sampling of chapters included in this commentary:

  • The Pair in the Snare
  • The Family Tree of the First Family
  • A New Beginning
  • The Gabble at Babel
  • Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Check out a sample by clicking on the yellow Sample button underneath the book cover image.

About the Author

Dr. Rod Mattoon has been preaching since 1972 and has served in his current pastorate at Lincoln Land Baptist Church since 1991. In Bible College and Seminary, Dr. Mattoon majored in Bible, and to this day he spends 20-25 hours per week studying the Word of God. In addition to serving as a pastor, writer, and student of the Word, Dr. Mattoon has also worked as a Bible Professor at the Springfield branch of the Moody Bible Institute.

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    by Rod Mattoon
  • Critical Reviews

    Treasures From Genesis by Dr. Rod Mattoon should be in the library of every young preacher. The outlines are excellent and provide a valuable source for sermon material.
    Dr. Sylvester Matthews, pastor
    Your work on Genesis is not only one of the finest commentaries on that particular text, but the practical “life applications” for the believer’s walk, especially as you relate the truth to other parts of Scripture are outstanding! I urge every serious Bible student, teacher, and preacher to add this commentary to their library.
    Evangelist Dennis K. Erwin, Ovilla Baptist Church, Ovilla Texas
    Dr. Mattoon has given to the Christian world a very practical, powerful, and prudent filled book. This book will serve as a text in Christian colleges and seminaries. This book is very readable for the common person who has no background in understanding Genesis. This book is a goldmine for Sunday School teachers and Christian workers.
    Dr. J. Arnold Fair, Pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Angola, Indiana
    Dr. Rod Mattoon has obviously searched the Scriptures in the production of the Treasures commentary series. Perusing these works will reveal the depth and breadth of his scholarship. I recognize the value of this resource for students of the Bible. I heartily recommend it.
    After perusing this volume of Genesis, I was made aware of the fact that this book is not just a book about Genesis and how to interpret it, but it is a book filled with a treasure of knowledge rarely found in one volume. The tools you have provided will allow anyone studying this book to find information at his or her fingertips that will enrich his knowledge of God’s Word and the subject at hand.. The index information you printed in the book is also easy to find and especially helpful when looking for a specific topic in the book.
    Dr. Ron Allen, Senior Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary