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Commentary on the New Testament
By: Richard Charles Henry Lenski

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  • Almost 12,000 pages of commentary in all
  • Very conservative, rich in historical detail
  • Named as one of the 850 Books for Biblical Expositors by the Master's Seminary

Product Details

In this outstanding commentary series, Richard C. H. Lenski interprets the books of the New Testament on the basis of careful and thorough exegetical research. The author, a meticulous student of Greek, provides an original, literal translation of the text.

Lenski’s ability to connect and explain Greek and English seems effortless. He has a gift for bringing the English reader into the world of the Greek, making Scripture understandable for all. He also displays an awareness of what pertains to the world and what pertains to the spirit. He smartly guides you when the two collide, a rare but highly valuable benefit in a Bible commentary.

Lenski begins each commentary with a detailed introduction where he discusses the author, culture, language concerns, history, and many other relevant issues, including how each book fits into the whole of Scripture. These introductions add depth to the verse-by-verse, and often word-by-word, commentary that follows. His purpose in this work is to answer the question, “What does this portion of the Bible say to us?” He sees the answer to the question against the background of the whole message of the Word of God.

Lenski painstakingly and diligently examines and explains the New Testament text from every angle. If you are seeking truth that resides beyond the obvious, Lenski will take you there.

Though he passed away in 1936, Lenski is highly regarded for his high view of Scripture and keen understanding of the New Testament Greek. Modern commentators still look to Lenski and quote him often, including the John MacArthur New Testament Commentary, the Word Biblical Commentary,the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament, the Complete Biblical Library, the New American Commentary, the NIV Application Commentary, and the Expositor’s Bible Commentary.

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About the Author
Richard Charles Henry Lenski was born in 1864 in Greifenberg, Prussia, Germany. He came to America in 1873. He received his education at Capital University in the Theology Department of Columbus, Ohio. Lenski was ordained in 1887 at the Evangelical Lutheran Joint Synod in Ohio. He was a pastor successively in Baltimore, Maryland; Trenton, Springfield, and Anna, Ohio, till 1911. He was a professor and seminary dean at Capital University in the Theology Department until 1911. Lenski edited Lutherische Kirchenzeitung from 1904 until 1924. His other works include: The Active Church Member; The Eisenach Gospel Selections; The Eisenach Old Testament Selections; The Epistle Selections of the Ancient Church; The Gospel Selections of the Ancient Church; The Sermon: Its Homiletical Construction; Saint Paul and Commentary on the New Testament. Lenski passed away in the fall of 1936.


My favorite New Testament commentary is that of R.C.H. Lenski... I profit greatly from his sane and spiritually sensitive exposition. You do not have to be a Greek scholar to benefit from Lenski.
Warren Wiersbe, author, "BE" series
A great work of exegesis, every page the result of long meditation, based on rich scholarship, warm with holy reverence for the Word of God.
Moody Monthly
Excellent but most comprehensive for those who have some basic familiarity with Greek.
Beth Moore, founder, Living Proof Ministries
A conservative, very extensive exposition based upon an exegesis of the Greek text. Arminian in doctrine, maintains a rigid approach to Greek grammar, and follows an amillennial interpretation of eschatology. Exceedingly helpful background material and abounds in good preaching values
The Minister's Library
For works on the Greek text, the Exegete will be served well with the work by R. C. H. Lenski
Criswell Theological Review