Old Testament


The Book of Beginnings. The seed plot of the Bible. Every doctrine afterward unfolded found in germ in this Book. Tells of Generation, Degeneration, and Regeneration. Note: Creation is distinguished from making. Creation is threefold. God created—matter v. 1, life (soul) v. 20-21, man (spirit) v. 27. No way to pass from one to the other.

1:1 The original creation—which was perfect but fell into chaos.

1:11 After his kind—in both vegetable and animal worlds. No room for so-called evolution.

1:26 Image is representation. Likeness is character.

1:27 Man not evolved from lower forms, but a special creation.

1:10 The river of Eden. Compare with the river of Rev.

2:2. When God rests a river flows!

3:1 Questioning the Word of God.

3:3 Adding to the Word of God.

3:4 Denying the Word of God.

3:6 Disobeying the Word of God. Lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, pride of life.

3:9 The first question of the Old Testament. See Matthew 2:2.

4:3-4 The only two religions.

4:20-22 Note how the arts and sciences and commercial life all began in Cain's family.

5:2 Note—The mother of the race is given three names: Adam—Headship of the man recognized. She is seen in him. Isha—Woman. Her place in nature. Eve—Living. The name given her by faith after the fall, and the promise of life.

5:21 (Methuselah) When he dies it shall be sent, i.e., the flood. Note that he lived up to the date of the flood.

6:11 As it was in the days of Noah—Corruption and violence are again to fill the earth in the time of the end, immediately before the manifestation of the Son of Man.

8:20 Dispensation of Government begins.

9:6 Capital punishment divinely instituted.

9:21-22 He was set in authority as the first ruler in the earth: failed to rule himself.

10:8-10 The Great Apostate. A hunter of the souls of men—Founder of idolatry at Babylon.

10:22 Job was of this tribe (Uz).

11:4 Beginning of Babylon. The first "skyscraper."

11:31-12:1 Note from Stephen's speech in Acts 7, that the call to Abram to go out had preceded this family emigration.

12:7 The covenant of the land has never been rescinded.

See chapter 13:14. 12:10 The testing of faith: Abraham's failure.

13:11 A sinful compact—A wrong start. See chapter 20:13.

14:4 Thirteen—the number of rebellion or disorder.

14:13-16 The separated man is the one to aid his entangled brother. First time the term Hebrew is used in Scripture.

15:6 Believed (Amen-ed) this is the first use of Amen in the Bible. Justification by faith—Romans 4.

16:1 The expedient of the flesh.

17:4 The Covenant fully stated.

17:8 Possession of the land included in the Covenant. Ch. 24:7.