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  • All of the AMG Concise Book Series available to date

Product Details

Why are we here? Where did we come from? What is our future? The AMG Concise Series bridges the gap between the Bible scholar and the average person with a desire to know the answers to fundamental questions like these. This bundle includes a concise Bible survey, Bible dictionary, a book on Bible doctrines, a book devoted to introducing the Bible, a Bible commentary, and a book on church history. Each of these Concise volumes delivers practical, yet relevant answers without being simplistic.

The AMG Concise Bible Survey helps the reader feel more comfortable with the Bible by providing a concise survey written in a format that is easy to grasp. This convenient introduction and survey of every book in the Bible can be quickly digested and used repeatedly as a quick-reference guide.

The AMG Concise Church History informs, inspires, and uplifts through devotional writings from every era of church history. Each chapter begins with a list of the dates of important events in that period, followed by an introduction to that period. The people involved in church history are introduced with biographical sketches of Christian leaders, and eye-witness accounts are provided, along with overviews from prominent historians.

The AMG Concise Bible Dictionary and the AMG Concise Bible Commentary provide the sort of information ordinary readers are looking for in their search for a clearer understanding of the Bible. They present the material in an easy-to-read, non-technical style. They is simple, but not simplistic. They seeks to be true to the biblical material, while at the same time being helpful to the reader. With almost one thousand entries, they covers all the major areas of biblical knowledge.

AMG Concise Bible Doctrines is written for the average Christian—the contemporary Bible student—not the theologian. Trying to simplify sophisticated and complicated doctrines, Dr. Towns takes the hard to comprehend and makes it readily understandable for the average layman. Finally, the doctrines are presented in a very practical way—not dry—but easy to apply to everyday life. Doctrines that have been debated for centuries, such as the trinity, the personality of man, as well as current issues are discussed in this volume. This is an engaging read for anyone interested in what the Bible has to say about what truly affects our lives.

The AMG Concise Introduction to the Bible is for every person who has ever wanted to get a firm grasp on Bible history and Bible meaning, but didn't have a clue how to do it or where to begin. Dr. Vos brings the Bible to life, not only as he recounts the events of biblical history, but also as he makes it relevant for the readers of the twenty-first century. Not only does the Bible report human opinions, but it also gives divine insights into all the issues of life. Thus, it gives perspectives and answers available nowhere else. Viewed from this standpoint, the Bible is not some book out of the musty past that has only antiquarian interests for a few with a nostalgic bent; but it has a vital, contemporary relevance.

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