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Here are three of our most useful books on sermon illustrations - bundled together for one great price!

750 Engaging Illustrations

With this user-friendly volume, you can access more than 750 illustrations that will make your preaching, teaching, and writing more effective and your messages more memorable. Drawn from Craig Brian Larson's many years with Leadership Journal, this popular collection offers unique features, such as:

  • alternate subject listings to help users adapt selections for use with many topics
  • Scripture index and easy-to-use topical index
  • the right for readers to photocopy entries for filing in their own system

A convenient source for contemporary illustrations and stories, 750 Engaging Illustrations for Preachers, Teachers, and Writers will help you make your messages more powerful and relevant to today's media-saturated listeners.

1001 Quotes, Illustrations, and Humorous Stories

Do you need a lively quip to launch your sermon, lesson, speech, or article? An illustration to tickle the funny bone or engage the heart? How about a quote or two to grab your listeners' attention and keep them riveted all the way to your final words?

Look no further. With hundreds of illustrations, quotes, idea starters, and humorous stories, this book will help you freshen your message and drive your point home. Terrific features include:

  • Material drawn from Leadership journal—a respected source you can trust
  • A well-organized format so you can easily find exactly what you need
  • Permission to photocopy pages so you can build your own resource files

Easy to use, this volume is loaded with relevant, captivating words for today's audiences.

Illustrations for Biblical Preaching

One of the best-selling collections of illustrations for preachers, arranged topically for ease of use. Illustrations provide material for contemporary subjects like abortion, drugs, and divorce, as well as the timeless subjects of faith, commitment, and Christian living.

As Michael Green states in the preface of the book: Sermon illustrations are like color on a car. Although they no substitute for careful study and exposition of the text, they do make its presentation more interesting. In addition, like a flashing red light in your rear-view mirror, they can arrest attention. And they can ignite a response as quickly as a lightening bolt in a drought-sticken land.

Products Included In This Bundle

Michael P. Green (Author)
For Preachers, Teachers, and Writers
Craig Brian Larson (Author)
For Preachers, Teachers and Writers
Edward K. Rowell (Author)