Two Thousand and Ten Choice Quotations
Publisher: Wordsearch
Category: Devotionals

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  • Offers a total of 2,010 quotations
  • Designed to be read daily
  • Includes both a topic and an author index
  • Also available as a KINDLE download

Product Details

This is a book especially for the thoughtful. Its compilation has been the pleasant work of many years. The arrangement of these quotations in daily portions a page for every day in the year suggests that this book is eminently suitable for daily use by those who love to nurture heart and mind with great and noble thoughts. The body needs its daily food, and in this volume a daily mental repast is offered to the reader. Ten minutes each morning spent in the perusal of the page for the day will supply the mind with material for wise musings through all the day. The limits of a volume of four hundred pages render it impossible to present more than a limited number of these best thoughts of cultured minds. The winnowing fan has been used unsparingly, and it is hoped that for the most part these pages will be found to contain only the "finest of the wheat." Great thoughts are valuable not only for the truth they contain, but for the truth they suggest. The thought that provokes thought is much more valuable than the thought that is only the echo of an accepted truth. The clergyman, the editor, and the orator will find this volume exceedingly helpful. Great care has been exercised in choosing the headings to these various selections. With this book the literary aspirant need never be at a loss for themes or subjects; for, apart from the quotations proper, there are two thousand and ten suggested subjects worthy of discussion. The brevity of most of these quotations will enhance their value for public use, and those who are often called upon to write in autograph albums will find hundreds of selections suitable for that purpose.