The B&H Preaching Bundle
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  • 26 Preaching Resources by Broadman & Holman

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B&H publishing is known worldwide for producing some of the finest tools available for preaching and teaching God's Word. Preachers, teachers, and students of the Bible know they can trust materials from B&H because of their accurate scholarship and solid grounding in the Word. The B&H Preaching Bundle is a carefully hand-picked collection of 26 of these preaching tools.

26 Volumes That Will Help You Preach More Effectively

All 26 of these books are pulpit-tested winners that will guide you in preparing sermons and lessons. You'll find helpful ideas and advice on homiletics, speaking techniques, delivery, and time management.

A Powerful Package for Preachers, Teachers, and Students of God's Word

These tools are not just for preachers. If you are a serious student of God’s Word, you can also use them as you are involved in your ministry.

These 26 volumes are among the best that B&H has published for preaching. It's possible you may already own one or more of these works. You'll never need to pay for the same books twice. Just give us a call and our friendly Customer Service Reps will quickly check your account and adjust your price accordingly for books you already own in this bundle.

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Products Included In This Bundle

Sermons from the Heart of the Southern Baptist Convention
James T. Draper Jr.
Wallie Amos Criswell (Author)
A Wealth of Counsel for Creative and Effective Proclamation
Michael Duduit
An Eight -Step Plan For Preaching With Confidence
H.C. Brown Jr., H. Gordon Clinard, Al Fasol and Jesse Northcutt
A Guide to Effective Sermon Delivery
Wayne McDill (Author)
Charles B. Bugg (Author)
Stephen Olford (Author)
A Plea to Pastors for Radical Ministry
John Piper (Author)
Changing the Way Pastors Preach and Congregations Listen
Jim Shaddix
A Handbook for Pastors
John Bisagno
A Solid and Enduring Approach to Engaging Exposition
Bert Decker (Author)
Proclaiming the Saving Message of Jesus
Al Fasol, Roy Fish, Steve Gaines and Ralph Douglas West
Bert Decker and Hershael York
Jim Henry (Author)
How to Create and Deliver Sermons For Life Applications
John Bisagno
Mac Brunson (Author), James W. Bryant (Author)
Second Edition Revised and Expanded
Wayne McDill (Author)
The Holy Spirit's Role in Sermon Preparation and Delivery
Greg Heisler (Author)
A Manual on Observing the Lord's Supper
Jim Henry
Donald L. Hamilton
An Introduction to the Hebrew Prophets
Gary V. Smith
John B. Polhill