A Dose of Doctrine
By: Timothy J. Winters

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  • Speaks concisely and eloquently about the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and examines beliefs and practices relating to tongues, miracles and gifts of the Spirit that have no Biblical foundation.

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Christianity has been bombarded and confronted with extensive doctrinal lapses. There has been a movement from orthodoxy to sensationalism and emotionalism. Doctrine has been diluted and distorted to destructive levels, and this has resulted in many heretical and incorrect practices in the Church by the Church, as evidenced by the prevailing obsession and often time ludicrous and innocuous misunderstandings and inept interpretations of Scripture regarding the ministry of the Holy Spirit. This once forgotten person of the Godhead has in recent times received widespread attention and focus by many scholars, denominations, and individual believers.

With the revivification of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movement, there has been a deluge of diverse literary and scholarly works dealing with and detailing the ministry and work of the Holy Spirit, and though the work of the Holy Spirit's presence in the life of a believer is of paramount importance, and though His role must not and should not be underestimated, overlooked, or ignored, it is equally erroneous to over-exaggerate and thereby distort the Biblical record concerning the person and work of the Holy Spirit. In this book, Dr. Winters has concisely examined and brilliantly addressed several key issues and subjects concerning the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit. Dr. Winters shows that there are current beliefs and practices relating to tongues, miracles, gifts of the Spirit, which he discusses are very relevant for all believers and will enable them to have a better and accurate understanding of their relationship with the Holy Spirit.

In a culture and time such as this, which is encased in relativism and clouded with many doctrinal controversies, this book provides all Christians with a sound understanding of right doctrine and right practice. It is necessary for The Church to understand what the Scriptures say about doctrinal issues in order for The Church to eradicate error with right belief. Dr. Winters understands this as he examines several current controversies and gives us Scriptural perspective.

About the Author
Timothy J. Winters is pastor of the Bayview Baptist Church of San Diego, California. He is a dynamic and inspirational gospel preacher. His powerful, Bible-based sermons directed toward "Reaching the Lost and Teaching the Saved to Serve" make him one of the most sought after preachers in the nation. Pastor Winters' deep knowledge and understanding of the Word, coupled with his ability to "make it plain" has earned him the reputation as an outstanding Bible expositor. He has done extensive research and conducted numerous seminars and workshops in the area of Christian Money Management (Debt-free Living), evangelism and discipleship, and church growth. Pastor Winters' leadership and influence is nationally acclaimed.

Pastor Winters is a graduate of San Diego City College, United States International University, and Glendale Graduate School of Theology. He received his Doctor of Ministry degree and graduated with distinction from United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio in December 1997. Pastor Winters also received an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from the historic Bishop College of Dallas, Texas in 1986. The Smithsonian Institute and Cochran Gallery's Songs of My People art exhibit and B.E.T. Network selected Pastor Winters as one of San Diego's 100 African American role models. He was honored for outstanding leadership in the city of San Diego and featured personality in Black Economic News, San Diego, CA. He is the recipient of many other awards and commendation.

Timothy J. Winters was called to ministry in 1969 and ordained in 1971. He was called to Bayview in June 1973. Under his leadership and ministry, Bayview has grown from a membership of less than 60 families that met in a converted three-bedroom house, to a vibrant, thriving, and growing congregation of over 2,500. The church edifice is now a multi-level, multi-purpose building that accommodates an audience of 1,200. Pastor Winters' ministry is highlighted by two churches that were: "planted" through his visionary leadership. They are both now thriving independent congregations. The 40,000 square foot Martin Luther King, Jr. Christian Center was completed in May 1995 to accommodate Bayview's ever-expanding Christian Education ministry, and to meet the needs of the community. It houses Nubia Leadership Academy, the first church-based Charter School in California. Nubia began in September 1997 with an enrollment of 170 students in Grades K-5. The next grade level will be added each year.