Book of 625 New Bible Stories and Scripture Anecdotes
Being a Manual of Word Pictures on Bible Subjects
Publisher: Wordsearch

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The teaching of Christ while on earth was often illustrative, anecdotal, and from His imagination in order to impress His hearer more clearly and strongly. As Matthew says, "Jesus spoke all these things in parables to the crowds; he did not speak to them without a parable." The use of illustration in religious teaching is also endorsed by the custom of prophets, apostles, and the preachers and teachers of all time; for, illustrations are the windows of speech through which truth may be made to shine. Cecil said that: "Stories fix attention." Dr. Guthrie said he observed that his hearers remembered best the parts of his sermon that contained illustrations. George Herbert said: "Exhortations, though earnest, die with the sermon, but stories and sayings they remember."

Hence this little manual with its pertinent and short word illustrations on all subjects will be found useful for the Sunday school teacher, the preacher, the encourager, and those in need of a little package of truth.