The Consideration of Alliteration

I dare say that many of us have tried to prepare alliterated sermons. In many cases the flow of the alliteration came with ease and required little effort on your behalf. In many other cases it seemed as if you were using meaningless words and it required more effort that you wanted to put forth. We may ask ourselves how this can be possible. In this chapter we will look at various steps in alliterated sermon preparation and hopefully clarify your concerns.

The Definition of Alliteration

“The repetition of the same sounds or of the same kinds of sounds at the beginning of words or in stressed syllables.” Alliteration is the repeated occurrence of a consonant sound at the beginning of several words in the same phrase. Consonance is the repetition of the same consonant in a string of words, not the sound as is in alliteration. Alliteration may also include the use of different consonants with similar properties (labials, dentals, etc.) I personally use consonance as much as I use alliteration. I find this necessary to be successful in my outlines.

The Delight of Alliteration

In preparing sermon outlines I personally find it very fulfilling and challenging to use alliteration. I believe that a person can develop their skills in learning how to affectively use alliteration.

1. The Journey and your Drive

In constructing an alliterated sermon the builder will embark upon a journey that challenges his skills to the highest level possible. The road will proceed down paths that seem dark and dreary, but you must proceed on until the light begins to brightly shine. The path will go down one way streets that lead to dead ends. If this happens you must turn around and head down another road.

2. The Joy and your Design

In the beginning the sermon may look meager and meaningless, but the skilled alliterator will build word upon word. As the words are joined together, the sermon will begin to look like it has been constructed with a specific design in mind. The designer can feel the inner joy of knowing that his persistence and patience has paid off in the form of a sermon that is presentable and preachable. In this a man can find great joy.