Christ Saves Zaccheus

Luke 19:1-10

Don't look upon people as to what they are, rather, what they can be

  1. THE CHARACTER – Luke 19:1-4
    1. His name was Zaccheus
      1. He was a publican – tax collector
      2. He was rich – perhaps though dishonestly
      3. He was a short man
    2. Anxious to see Jesus – "Climbed a sycamore tree"
      (Are you anxious to be with Jesus? – Ps. 122:1)
  2. THE COMMUNION – Luke 19:5-6
    1. Jesus' orders – "Come down"
      (I must abide at your house. Is Jesus at your house?)
    2. His obedience
      1. Made haste and came down
      2. Received Jesus joyfully
      3. He did not ask any questions or make any excuses, but obeyed
  3. THE COMPLAINING – Luke 19:7
    1. The people complained because Jesus took time with a sinner
    2. Jesus loves "bad people" and wants to save them
    3. Christians need to be interested in "bad people" and seek to win them to Christ
    4. Too many Christians feel that they are too good to fellowship with sinners
  4. THE CONVERSION – Luke 19:8-10
    1. Gave his money to the poor
      (Giving is a good sign of real Christianity)
    2. Restitution – "Restored fourfold"
      (Not only right with God, but right with man)
    3. Salvation – "Today salvation is come to thy house"
      (Yes, Jesus' blood cleanses "bad people," too)
    4. Christ's mission – v. 10
      (Seek and save those that are lost)

Christ had time for Zaccheus, though he was a tax collector, and was hated by others. Christ didn't see the bad – He saw the good