Following God: Living a Balanced Financial Life
By: Deborah Nayrocker
Publisher: AMG Publishers
Category: Lessons

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  • Part of the Following God Series
  • 224 Pages in Print Form

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Why do some people go through life with essentially few money worries, while others have endless financial struggles? How do God’s commands protect us from indebtedness and lead us to a life of success? Is God’s Word relevant to how I use my resources and spend my money? How can being faithful to God help me become a better money manager?

Author Deborah Nayrocker provides answers to these questions in the Following God series release: Living a Balanced Financial Life. Each lesson of this twelve-week study looks at financial stewardship from a biblical perspective, as the reader studies the parables of Jesus, stories of the Old and New Testaments, and Scripture passages relating to each topic. The first lesson sets the stage as readers are reminded that God is the ultimate owner of everything and that our success comes from Him. The following lessons examine deeper issues of why we make our lifestyle choices and offers new perspectives on being content without living a life of consumerism. Throughout the study, readers will gain an understanding of biblical principles on handling money and possessions, including borrowing and saving and working on a debt repayment plan. The final lesson focuses on recognizing the awesome riches that are already ours as believers. Readers will gain a new understanding of how choosing to obey and trust God leads to a life of peace and contentment.

Sample Table of Contents:

  • Week 1: God Owns Everything: He Is Master of All
  • Week 2: We are God’s Stewards: He Wants Us to Be Faithful Managers
  • Week 3: God’s Commands Protect Us from Indebtedness
  • Week 4: Virtues That Help Keep Debt at Bay
  • Week 5: Principles for Learning God’s Will in My Life
  • Week 6: Evaluating our Life Goals: Desiring to Please God
  • Week 7: Faithfulness in Handling our Money
  • Week 8: Getting our Finances in Order with a Spending Plan
  • Week 9: Borrowing and Credit: Understanding Biblical Principles
  • Week 10: Saving and Planning for Future Needs
  • Week 11: Being Content with God’s Provision
  • Week 12: Exploring Our Riches as Believers: Recognizing God’s Blessings

About the Authors
Deborah Nayrocker is the author of the award-winning book, The Art of Debt-Free Living: Living Large on Less than You Earn. A graduate of Bethel College in Indiana, Deborah also holds a master’s degree in education from Indiana University and writes from the perspective of having little or no debt for years. Her articles on personal finance, Christian living, and personal goal attainment have been published in Campus Life, Vista, More to Life, Living the Solution, and other publications. She and her husband make their home in northern Indiana, and they have two adult children.


This study consistently takes the student to the Word of God. A refreshing study that stays true to scripture.
Henry T. Blackaby, co-author Experiencing God