1 Don't Miss Your Miracle

We often hear it said that the day of miracles is past. But every true Christian is a miracle, born again by the Holy Spirit. Of course I mean real Christians, not just church members. If you are what you have always been you are not a Christian. The Christian life is a miracle, Jesus living within the true believer. He is not just our Saviour and Lord but also our Life.

God has many miraculous things for His people, but so many miss them. I do not know what Jesus had for the rich young ruler, but he missed it. The blind man would have missed receiving his sight if he had not washed in Siloam. Demas missed his miracle when he deserted Paul. Jonah almost missed his life mission. I have met many who were called to preach or to be missionaries who never answered. My father was called to preach but never did and lived to regret it the rest of his life. I almost missed my miracle at one time. We live doing what comes naturally and miss what comes supernaturally.

Have you missed the miracle God had for you? So many live on crackers and cheese when they have a standing invitation to the banquets of God. But there may still be time for a miracle.

"Down in the human heart crushed by the Tempter, Feelings lie buried that grace may restore; Touched by a loving heart, wakened by kindness, Chords that were broken may vibrate once more."

The church is a miracle. Today too many of its members are not miraculous but make-believe. Gideon asked, "Where be all his miracles which our fathers told us of?" (Judg. 6:13). Have you missed yours?

2 Gideon's Fleece

Gideon was no genius nor did he possess training or unusual faculties, but as he beat out grain on a threshing floor he remembered the great days of Israel's past and asked, "Where are the miracles today?" (cf. Judg. 6:13). At least he cared. There is far more hope for souls that grieved over the times than for the popular happiness boys. Gideon did not know a miracle when he saw one, as when the angel of God visited him. But God called him to leadership and gave him the sign of the fleece.

I have not been able to relate many experiences bordering on the miraculous. I have heard others who can, and I do not doubt the possibility, although some of the stories grow with the telling. I do remember the incident related in my book Hope Thou in God when I was low in spirits away from home and troubled about a sick wife who was quite ill and later died. I put down my bag in a lonely motel room where a Gideon Bible lay open on the table. It was opened to Psalms 42 and 43 where the words, "Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope thou in God" are found three times without turning a page (42:5, 11; 43:5). I was assured that I would yet praise Him, and I do. I know that one cannot flip open a Bible every time and land on such a timely verse. In a time of great need one may find himself flipping to the details of the Tabernacle or the genealogies! But our Father often gives us a sign of the fleece when we are willing to do what follows.

You may be beating grain on a threshing floor, grieved over the times and wondering where God and His miracles are, but that is better than not expecting miracles at all.

3 A Way to Hell from the Gates of Heaven

Almost inside the kingdom of God but still outside: John Bunyan saw this awful possibility and wrote about it in Pilgrim's Progress. The thought is frightening.

Samuel Rutherford used to list such celebrities as Balaam, Pharaoh, Simon Magus, Caiaphas, Jehu, and Herod, as well as many others who had foretastes of glory yet rejected God.

One may know the Scriptures, believe sound doctrine, belong to a church, preach, prophesy, cast out demons, yet still go to hell.

This fearful possibility makes a Sunday morning congregation of church goers a mission field, since perhaps half or more have joined a church without knowing Jesus Christ. Only God knows who is who, but we true Christians have reason to suspect that we are outnumbered by our own members, and we cannot reach our goals because of the interference of our own team. Fearless preaching that calls the righteous to repentance is in order.

Bunyan was right. There is a way to hell from the gates of heaven!