How to Memorize
By: William Evans
Publisher: Wordsearch
Category: Study Helps

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This book is an introduction to memory. The author examines what memory is, what memory is capable of, and what benefits might be obtained by committing Scriptures to memory. Suggestions are offered for training one's memory and different methods are explored, among which include: the fixity of thought, the use of sight and sound in the connection with the remembrance of a subject, the helpfulness of writing, the practice of association, the distinction between recalling and reviewing, and the necessity of persistent practice. This book should prove useful to any student attempting to put more of God's word to memory.

About the Author
William Evans, Ph.D., D.D. (1870-1950) is best remembered as a noted American Bible teacher. Evans wrote over forty volumes on biblical interpretation and spent several years directing Bible conferences throughout Canada and the United States. Prior to being appointed the director of the Department of Bible at Moody Bible Institute, Evans was the pastor of various churches. In 1913, Evans also served as the associate dean of the Bible Institute in Los Angeles, California.