The Living Book
A Disciple's Guide to Understanding the Bible
Publisher: Pathway Press
Category: Study Helps

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Product Details

The Living Book is an introduction into the Word of God that will benefit those wanting to learn from the Living Word. Covering the scope and sequence of the Bible, the book seeks to help students better understand the Scriptures, so that the student might be more prepared to appropriate Scripture to their daily lives. The Living Book is a volume that will service the church in training disciples for years to come. It will become a valuable addition to any person's library and will provide strength and insight for becoming a disciple who is recognized as a true follower of Jesus Christ.

About the Author
Charles W. Conn (1920-2008) first fell in love with the Word of God as a young man and was its student for over sixty years. An influential figure in the Church of God, Conn served in multiple church and para-church capacities, including Assistant General Overseer of the Executive Committee, President of Lee College, and Editor-in-Chief of Church of God Publications. In addition to his various other roles, he was an avid writer and penned more than twenty books.