Systematic Theology
By: John Miley
Publisher: Wordsearch
Category: Theology

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Miley's two-volume Systematic Theology takes a scientific and methodical approach in its study of God. The extensive introduction will provide the reader with an overview, history and definition of systematic theology; systematic theology is compared to other schools of theological discourse and staunchly defended as a scientific study. Miley then begins volume one with a lucubration on theism and logically moves into the study of God as a personal being with specific attributes. He continues his work with an exhaustive examination on the origin and fall of man; here he includes a thorough study of depravity and Adamic sin. In successive order, Miley assays the person of Christ, the divinity of the incarnation, theanthropism, the sympathy of Christ, and common errors in Christology. Miley concludes the bulk of his work with a look at the atonement in Christ, salvation in Christ, and eschatology. Included in volume two is a thorough appendix to additional topics of discussion in systematic theology.

About the Author

John Miley (1813-1895) served as pastor to nineteen churches and as chair of systematic theology at Drew University. He relied heavily upon, and greatly influenced, Wesleyan and Arminian traditions. Miley sought to apply the theology he so adamantly defended to modern day issues. In this attempt, he authored Systematic Theology, which served to influence generations of Methodist seminarians. Miley also penned The Atonement in Christ, in which he examined some of the theological and biblical inconsistencies surrounding the doctrine of atonement.