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The Interpreter's Bible
Publisher: Abingdon Press
★★★★ (1 review)
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This product is an electronic addition to your WORDsearch 10, Quickverse10, or WORDsearch Basic program. This is not a physical book or a stand-alone program.
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Product Highlights

  • 12-Volume Set
  • Originally Published in 1953
  • From a Wesleyan Holiness Perspective

Product Details

The Interpreter's Bible: A Complete Commentary in Twelve Volumes

One of the greatest needs of the Christian ministry has long been a comprehensive Bible commentary covering the meaning of every Bible passage with an emphasis on drawing from the text those Christian values that ought to be preached and taught today.

The Interpreter's Bible is that commentary. Gathered together, you’ll find reverent scientific evidence for the Bible, insightful help for interpreting Biblical truths, and practical ideas for applying the text to universal human needs. The Interpreter's Bible is the most complete and efficient working tool ever devised for the preacher and teacher of God's word.

For Every Passage in the Bible, Interpreter's offers these helps—

Exegesis. Full notes to make clear the meaning of each portion of the text written by scholars with access to modern research. Here are revealing explorations of historical and geographical settings, archaeological discoveries, contemporary language and customs, religious teachings and writings, original sources, the author's purposes—these and many other aids in understanding what a given passage means in its own setting and what it means to us today.

Exposition. An interpretation that throws the light of the text upon specific human needs—things one can preach about and teach about, to the transforming of hearers' hearts. These practical applications come to life in abundant illustrations, with a wealth of suggestions for making the truth sing.

Background for Fullest Understanding

Introduction. For each biblical book, the writer of the Exegesis summarizes all that scholarship has contributed to the understanding of the book by showing its historical setting, sources, purpose, author, intended readers, and content.

Maps. Chart the settings of the text according to the latest archaeological discoveries. Full-color topographical maps on the end sheets of each volume show the physical features of the biblical world in perspective.

General Articles. A wealth of background material on the entire Bible—illuminating discussions of such vital subjects as: the significance of the authority of the Bible; the history of the Bible's interpretation; the formation and transmission of both Testaments; the language and literature of Bible peoples; the Old Testament world; the New Testament world; the life, ministry, and teaching of Jesus; the early church; the life and thought of Paul—all aids to deeper insight into any portion of the Scriptures.

The best minds of our time, among both biblical scholars and preachers, have shared in the making of The Interpreter's Bible. The editors, consulting editors, and contributors, all 148 of them, have been enlisted from all parts of the English-speaking world and represent a cross-section of Protestantism. No labor or expense has been spared to make this work Christendom's most comprehensive commentary.

Critical Reviews

A welcome addition to anyone who wants to study God's Word
Southwestern Journal of Theology
... it amply fulfills its purpose in a manner both scholarly and religious.
The Expository Times

Customer Reviews

My First Commentary ★★★★

Authored By: Floyd Johnson, Pastor

The year was 1970 - I was a relatively new believer having come to faith through the ministry of Christian Radio and having started college. I met up with a group of Christians that were committed to Bible Study and daily devotions. I decided to follow them in the practice. I would begin my day in the reference section of our college library - where, to my right sat a commentary set known as the Interpreter's Bible Commentary. It was this very set, now on sale for use with the WordSearch Bible Software. It was a good way for me to begin - usable by a new believer, but with enough depth to take me beyond the basics. Designed for the active preacher, it provides both an exegetical survey of each passage and a suggested homiletical approach to each passage. Though the printed books has these side by side on the page, WS has published them as two separate documents - which can be linked or studied separately. The other advantage of the WS implementation is that rather than have 15 (?) separate volumes on my desk or shelf, all the volumes are at my fingertips without taking up additional room on my desk. If I remember correctly, the original volumes were published with both the KJV and the RSV, of course the WS version allows the reader to use the versions of his or her choice. Though the commentaries are a bit dated, they are not so dated as to be not be useful. Enjoy the Interpreter's Bible Commentary as you study the Word of God.