Lectures on the New Testament Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
Publisher: Wordsearch
Category: Theology

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In this small book, William Kelly presents a series of lectures on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. Kelly examines such topics as: the new birth and eternal life, the "well of water", the Comforter, the Gift and his gifts, baptism by one Spirit, and the habitation of God through the Spirit.

About the Author
William Kelly (1821-1906) was born in Millisle, County Down, Ireland. He studied at Trinity College in Dublin and served as Governor to the Seigneur of Sark in 1841. Kelly made the Christian confession in 1840 and thereafter joined the Plymouth Brethren, where he served as a prolific and prominent writer. Mr. Kelly was closely connected to John Nelson Darby and served as Mr. Darby's right-hand man for a number of years. Recognized for his excellence of thought, Mr. Kelly was esteemed by scholars and clergymen while also, at times, criticized by both for his narrowness of thought in relation to Darbyism. Mr. Kelly authored a number of books and articles among which include: The Second Coming and Kingdom of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, The Revelation of God, Enduring Temptation and Entering into Temptation, The Mystery of Godliness, and The Promise of the Father.