Twenty-First Century Biblical Commentary Series: Hebrews
Christ is Greater
Publisher: AMG Publishers

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  • A commentary for the twenty-first century
  • Study questions at the end of each chapter
  • Be comforted by the hope that comes from an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ

Product Details

Do you want to know why Jesus really came to earth?

The Book of Hebrews transforms our understanding of Christ from abstract theology to intimate relationship. The motivating purpose behind Jesus"very real incarnation was that he might become a "merciful and faithful high priest," who, because he had been tempted in that which He has suffered" is now empowered to "come to the aid of those who are tempted."

Hebrews declares Jesus 'identification which every believer as well as His personal involvement in every aspect of our lives. Hebrews offers instruction and comfort to the modern church, giving a profound glimpse into the Lord's present ministry as the High Priest who intercedes on our behalf. Hebrews presupposes that the reader is familiar with the Old Testament and deals with specifically Jewish issues, concerns, and controversies.

Steven Ger's ethnic and spiritual background as a Jewish believer in Jesus, coupled with decades of extensive study of both Christianity and Judaism, distinctively quality him to offer new perspectives to the study of Hebrews.

Learn more about the power and worth of the sacrifice Christ offered by His own death. See the total sufficiency of Christ's atonement for our sins. Be comforted by the hope that comes from an intimate relationship with the great High Priest.

About the Author

Steven Ger grew up in a Jewish family in New York and New jersey, where he was educated in both church and synagogue due to his distinctive heritage as a Jewish Christian. He is the founder and director of Sojourner Ministries, an organization dedicated to exploring the Jewish heart of Christianity with both Jews and Gentiles. This particular "wandering" Jews' faith journey has led him to the conviction that Jesus is the Messiah who was foretold in the Old testament. Steven's life is dedicated to helping people see their Messiah more clearly-through Hebrews eyes.

Steven has led eleven tours to Israel, with trips to Egypt, Greece, Jordan, Turkey and Germany. He has lectured at Dallas Theological Seminary and at Tyndale Seminary. He earned a TH,M from Dallas Theological Seminary. Steven is the author of Acts: Witnesses to the World and co-author of The Popular Bible Prophecy Commentary and lives with his wife, Adria, and their son, Jonathan Gabriel.


"I'm honored to recommend the twenty-First Century Biblical Commentary Series. I know I can trust the evangelical soundness and doctrinal integrity of the authors who are now laboring to give us books that will serve the cause of Christ for generations to come."
Dr.Tim LaHaye, co-author of the Left Behind series