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Each book in The Complete Book of: Bundle offers a complete and detailed study of Bible characters, topics, places, and events. They bring your Bible to life with colorful and thought-provoking detail, and are filled with charts, maps, photos, and illustrations.

Here’s some more details on each book included:

The Complete Book of Bible Basics contains over 1,200 people, places, events, facts, and phrases about the Bible and the church. It's an A-Z Bible reference guide that gives you a quick synopsis of each Bible book, introduces you to major characters, outlines a history of the Christian church, provides you with explanations of key Bible phrases, and more.

The Complete Book of Who's Who in the Bible gives you a complete list of everyone in the Bible, along with a description of their lives and accomplishments. It contains intriguing accounts of 1,001 events in Christian history, along with a comprehensive timeline. You'll find this helpful source of inside information valuable for any group Bible study.

The Complete Book of Zingers is a priceless collection of amusing one-sentence sermons, proverbs, adages, illustrations, dictums, and truisms. Preachers and teachers love this book! Over 150 categories are organized from Ambition to Zeal.

The Complete Book of Christian Heroes tells over 200 stories of courageous people who suffered for Jesus. You'll greatly improve your knowledge of Christian history with the stories of greats like John Bunyan, the English preacher who sat in prison and promptly wrote The Pilgrim's Progress.

The Complete Book of Bible Trivia - They call this the Bad Guys Edition because it involves over 3,000 questions and answers about the flawed men and women of the Bible. The Bible is full of bad behavior, many times by those we consider the good guys. The Bible does not whitewash heroes, but provides great examples we can use to avoid pitfalls in our lives today.

The Complete Book of Bible Lists contains over 350 lists of intriguing spiritual facts. For instance, you'll find a list of the Most Mentioned Men in the Bible. After Jesus, David wins hands down with 1,118 mentions. Third place goes to Moses with 740.

The Complete Book of When and Where reviews 1,001 historical events that have shaped our world, starting with the Creation in Genesis. Each major event of the Bible is described along with an explanation of its significance. Noteworthy events are described right up to modern times. For example, you'll learn about Johannes Gutenberg's printing of the first Bible in 1456, and the historical implications of a single sermon by Jonathan Edwards in 1741.

The Complete Book of Pop Music Wit & Wisdom - Say what? I really think you'll like this one. It takes excerpts from the 1950s through the 1970s and uses the lyrics of these familiar tunes to draw people to God. When the Beatles sang "Help! I need somebody. Help!" it begs the question, why is an-on-top-of-the-world rock star crying out for help? "I need somebody, not just anybody..." Yes, we surely do. You'll find genuine opportunities to minister when the Bible answers pop culture.

The Complete Book of Bible Secrets and Mysteries will help you unlock the puzzling and mysterious events found in the Bible. You'll build your Bible knowledge with a better understanding of things like angels, demons, ghosts and end-of-time events. Group Bible studies will never be boring again with this tool on hand.

Add this to your library for fascinating details on every person, place, and thing in your Bible that will enhance your study and understanding.

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Over 200 Stories of Courageous People Who Suffered for Jesus
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Complete book of when and where
In the Bible and Throughout History
Michael Rusten and Sharon O. Rusten
Over 1200 People, Places, Events, Facts and Phrases about the Bible and the Church
Mark Taylor
Bad Guys Edition
J. Stephen Lang
What 200 Pop Songs Say About God
Tony Rufo