Design for Discipleship Bundle
By: Broughton, Stokes, Gomoll, Weddle, & Ennis
Category: Bundles, Lessons

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  • The Most Trusted Discipleship Bible Study Series
  • Over 7 Million Sold

Product Details

Design for Discipleship is a wonderful program that lays out a simple, yet practical "design" for believers to transform into mature disciples of Christ. This excellent step-by-step program was put together by NavPress, a widely respected ministry with a passion for discipleship.

Design for Discipleship - Used by Millions of Believers

This great resource will add an endless supply of wisdom and depth to your digital library. Over 7 million Design for Discipleship books have already been printed and put into use through 25 years. This tool has a proven track record.

You may notice the DFD book covers show a large tree with roots that go deep into the ground. This is a good illustration for how DFD works. The 7 volumes of this program take believers on a journey, one step at a time, beginning with elementary aspects of faith, like who God is, why He loves us, sin, and redemption. One lesson builds upon another, and as they progress, more advanced elements of faith are introduced and explained. The result is that believers end up like that tree with roots deeply rooted in the Word of God.

Simple Principles to Complex Principles - It's How We Learn

Each lesson is organized with Scripture references, charts, illustrations, and most importantly, discussion questions that cause students to discover Bible truths for themselves. A leader's guide is also provided for each book, and it contains extra tips and suggestions for leading a group. Here's a partial list of what believers will learn as they progress through the DFD program. Notice how the lessons build on previous lessons.

  • Why God loves you and wants you in His family
  • What it means to be a Christian
  • How to walk with Christ in everyday life
  • How to approach God's Word and study the Bible
  • How to develop good habits for your own well-being
  • How to serve, love, and fellowship with others
  • How to share Christ with others
  • How to trust God and his promises
  • How to know God's will
  • How to recognize temptation and defeat it
  • How to get back on the right path when you stray
  • How to build personal character and produce bountiful fruit
  • How to genuinely love others
  • How marriage fits into God's plan and how to be a godly spouse
  • How to be honest and live with integrity
  • How suffering can result in character development
  • How to know your enemy and understand spiritual warfare
  • How to be a good steward and fulfill a disciple's responsibilities
  • How you fit into a global community
  • How to analyze books of the Bible, apply them, and teach them

These interactive discussion questions, these studies provide an exciting way for believers to grow toward maturity in their daily walk with God.

This bundle includes all seven volumes of the Design for Discipleship series, plus the Leader's Guide.

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