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The Biographical Bible, 2nd Edition
Publisher: Wordsearch
Category: Study Notes
This product is an electronic addition to your Wordsearch digital library. It is not a physical product or a stand-alone program.

Product Details

The Biographical Bible -- This eBible is literally unique! It has two special features that make it especially useful for Bible study at any level.

First, when the cursor is hovered over the name of any one of the 3,237 Bible characters named in the Scriptures, a pop-up message appears instantly on the computer screen providing brief biographical data about that character. Thus, if the cursor is hovered over Mary in “the other Mary” in Matthew 28:1, it shows that this Mary (of the 6 different Marys found in the Bible) is described as: “Witnessed the crucifixion;” the “other Mary” who went to JESUS' tomb with Mary(2) Magdalene and found it empty; wife of Alphaeus(1); mother of James(2) and Joses.” Thus, the reader learns instantaneously who this Mary is.

Second, The Biographical Bible can be searched for all mentions of any one of the individuals named in the Scriptures, including any one of the 1,443 characters who do not have unique names (e.g., there are 4 Benjamins, 14 Josephs, and 31 Zechariahs named). This ability to search for “same-named” individuals is simply not possible with most, if not all, of the other electronic Bibles available in the world. For example, it allows one to search for Jeremiah(6) the Prophet without finding the mentions of the other 8 Jeremiahs found in the Bible.

Moreover, by using its Parallel Bible feature, the Bible reader can utilize this “who is who” capability with any of the many Bible versions available from WORDsearch.