Holman Complete Study Package
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The Holman Complete Study Package combines the best in biblical scholarship for today's Bible student. It includes the HCSB Reverse Interlinear Bible (this in itself is a bundle including the Holman Christian Standard Bible, Biblia Hebraicia Stuttgartensia, and the UBS4 Greek New Testament), the HCSB Study Bible, the HCSB Illustrated Study Bible, the Holman Bible Dictionary, the Holman Book of Biblical Charts, Maps and Reconstructions, and the Holman Treasury of Key Bible Words. With this package, students will have a number of hearty resources to assist them in their studies. For specific information on each book, please click on the book title below.

Products Included In This Bundle

Eugene E. Carpenter and Philip Wesley Comfort
UBS Greek NT4
Barclay M. Newman, Jr. (Author)
Friberg's Analyt Grk NT
Barbara Friberg (Author)
Completely Revised, Updated and Expanded
Trent Butler (Author), Chad Brand (Author), Charles W. Draper (Author), Archie England (Author)
Visualize, Explore, Discover
Fifth Revised Edition
Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft (Author)
Groves-Wheeler Westminster Hebrew Morphology
HCSB Reverse Interlinear OT
HCSB Reverse Interlinear NT
HCSB Study Bible