What Will Heaven Be Like?

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Polls indicate that approximately 75 percent of all Americans believe in heaven. Unfortunately, many of these people have very little conception of what heaven is like or what is required to go there. The Bible is filled with specific facts about this.

Jack Hartman has spent hundreds of hours searching the Scriptures in an attempt to find and weave together everything he could on the subject of heaven. This book starts with an explanation of exactly what takes place when a Christian dies. Jack uses Scripture references to describe the journey from earth to heaven. He then describes from Scripture references what it will be like to be face-to-face with the glory of God.

No earthly being can adequately describe this, but we believe the Scripture references that are used will give many readers a wonderful insight into the first few hours in heaven.

What Will Heaven Be Like? utilizes additional Scripture references to take the reader on a tour of heaven. We will learn what the Word of God has to say about our heavenly bodies and also the eternal rewards that deserving Christians will receive. We believe many of your questions about heaven will be answered.

Jack then closes the book with chapters explaining how we get to heaven, the only alternative to heaven, and how we can prepare for heaven while we are still on earth. Since some of this is subjective, some of Jack's opinions have to be included in this book. However, it also is well documented with over 200 Scripture references.

We believe this book will give many Christians fresh insight into their eternal home. We also believe many people who are not Christians will find this book interesting, will ask Jesus Christ to become their Savior, and will live eternally in the paradise of heaven.

About the Author
Jack Hartman is a self-employed businessman. In 1974 when his business was on the verge of bankruptcy, and he was on the verge of a breakdown, he gave his life to Jesus Christ and started studying the Bible in great detail to learn what God said about solving financial and emotional problems.

Jack put what he learned to good use. Today his business is growing very well. The Bible study which started with four people in his office in 1975 has grown into a church with an average Sunday morning attendance of 1,000 people. Jack is the author of many other Christian books, and he has appeared on the 700 Club television program.