The Navigator Bible Studies Handbook
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Discover the joy of unearthing the treasures of the Bible on your own!

When you do a Bible study, do you ever wonder if you're getting the message God wants you to get - or the message someone else thinks you need? The Bible is packed with gems of wisdom for living a life that is pleasing to God. And you can discover these gems for yourself - if you know how to dig for them!

Drawing on over 60 years of experience from the ministry of the Navigators, The Navigator Bible Studies Handbook is a classic collection of principles and methods for people who want to find out for themselves what Scriptures say.

The first section of this useful handbook deals with the underlying principles for doing good inductive Bible study - the things you'll need to know in order to do accurate, in-depth study of any kind.

The second section will teach you some of the specific time-tested methods of Bible study The Navigators have used for over 60 years. You'll learn how do do question-to-answer studies, verse analysis studies, comprehensive chapter analysis studies, topical studies, and studies on biblical characters.

The Navigator Bible Studies Handbook will equip you with skills for a lifetime of studying the Scriptures on your own. Discover the joy of personal Bible study!