Lecture #1

"Surveying the Land"

Book Outline

Introduction: The best method of Bible study is "The Book Method". Romans stands at the door of all the New Testament Epistles in Bible order. The reason this book is first in Bible order is because it contains the foundation truths of all the Christian faith. Among the letters that Paul wrote there are three that are pivotal.

Together they may be analyzed in this way:

I. The Person— Paul was the writer.

II. The Period

III. The People

IV. The Purpose

This may be regarded as fourfold:


(1) The Righteousness of God in Relation to Salvation. Romans 1 through 8

(2) The Righteousness of God in Relation to Sovereignty. Romans 9 through 11

(3) The Righteousness of God in Relation to Service. Romans 12 through 16

Special Outline

I. Doctrine— God's Plan of Salvation (Romans 1 through 8)

Four Doctrines—Condemnation, Justification, Sanctification, (By faith alone, Romans 3; always, Romans 4; altogether, Romans 5.) and Glorification.

II. Dispensational— God's Purpose in Selection (Romans 9 through 11)

III. Devotional— God's Principles of Separation (Romans 12 through 16)