If you're new to Bible software, a wonderful experience is just ahead of you!

WORDsearch makes Bible study fast, easy and fun. You are now just a few clicks away from putting a powerful, inspiring library on your computer.

Why use WORDsearch Bible software? It allows you to quickly search for Bible verses, compare Bible translations side-by-side, have multiple books open, and sync your Bible translations with your commentaries. You won't have to continuously flip through pages, and you'll be able to take your library anywhere without bringing a backpack full of books.

If you are just getting started, WORDsearch Basic is for you. It's FREE and comes loaded with some basic Bible study tools. Plus, you'll find over 200 more free books available for download on this website. Click here for details on WORDsearch Basic »

For more advanced features you can always upgrade to WORDsearch 10.   Click here for details »

Whether you begin with WORDsearch Basic or WORDsearch 10, you'll be on your way to building your own Bible study library. Thousands of helpful books are available from top Christian publishers. Start building your personal library today.


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WORDsearch 10 Upgrade
This product is a standalone program.
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Product Details

Program Options Assistant
This is like having a SetUp expert at your side. The first time you install WS10, the Assistant will intelligently guide you, setting defaults throughout your program. It’s not mandatory (you can exit at any time), but it will make WORDsearch function exactly the way you like.

Desktop Templates
This mechanism allows you to set up a desktop template for a given activity and save it. When you open the desktop template, begin studying and opening other works, you can close it out knowing that it will return to its original state when you return to use it again. You won’t have to set it up again after you use it and mess it up. This is a huge time saver for those who have specific patterns of studying.

Audible Pronunciation
A new Pronounce menu option allows you to audibly pronounce over 20,000 words. Just right-click a word, and, if that word is in the audio database, you can hear the word spoken.

Facebook and Twitter Enabled
WS10 makes it easy for you to share anything with the world. We’ve added Facebook and Twitter buttons that allow you to post directly to these platforms without leaving WORDsearch.

Sermon & Illustration Organizer
This new feature allows you to write or paste an illustration or sermon into the organizer, give it a title, assign a key scripture to it, and apply multiple tags to it. Then you can do instant searches to find your illustrations or sermons and easily keep track of where and when each was used.

Verse Explorer
Here’s how it works! You put in a verse or range of verses. Verse Explorer will quickly work to deliver a report to you that indicates the different dictionaries and commentaries you own that relate to the verse(s) you entered. For example, if the verse says, “Jesus talked with the disciples,&rdquo" and you have a dictionary with an article titled “Disciples,” you’ll find it in the report given. Click on a book name, and you’ll find more helpful details.

Morph Explorer
This lightning-fast feature lets you select any lemma (root word), lexeme (word form in a sentence), or parsing element (a specific tense, gender, number, etc.), search for it in relevant titles, and see results instantly. This is sure to be a helpful tool for those immersed in Greek manuscripts.

Most Recently Used Book List
Frequently, as we’re doing a study, we end up opening and closing our most heavily used &ldquogo to” set of books. This handy tool allows you instant access to reopen your most recently used books.

User Font Override
WORDsearch already allows you to make book text larger, but WS10 enables you to specify a font family too. For example, if you find Tahoma a more readable font, simply specify this in your settings, and all books will use Tahoma throughout.

Keep Your WORDsearch Up-To-Date
Your WORDsearch library is a worthy investment in your commitment to study God’s Word. Using the most up-to-date version makes the most of your investment and results in blessings to those who benefit from your ministry.

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