Focus on the Bible: Judges
Such a Great Salvation
By: Dale Ralph Davis
Category: Commentaries

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The Church has a problem with Judges; it is so earthy, puzzling, primitive and violent - so much so that the Church can barely stomach it. To many it falls under the category of embarrassing scripture. Such an attitude is, of course, wrong - so Ralph Davis here makes Judges digestible by analysing the major literary and theological themes discovered in each section. He provides a theocentric exposition that rings with practical relevance

About the Author
Dale Ralph Davis is pastor of Woodland Presbyterian Church, Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Previously he was Professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary. He has also written in this series on Joshua, 1st Kings, 2nd Kings, 1st Samuel, and 2nd Samuel.


An excellent...crisp, lively...exposition on Judges
Bibliotheca Sacra
The most practical expository work that this reviewer has ever encountered
Southwestern Journal of Theology
Dr. Davis has a great sense of fun. He must often have his class or his congregation in stitches
Christian Arena
One of the great advantages of this commentary on Judges is that we never lose sight of the wood for the trees. Hebrew word studies enrich the reader's mind. Geographical allusions enliven the plot. Homely illustrations from the author's personal background make for easy reading. A refreshing sense of humor brings an understanding smile and helps us grasp the point.
Evangelical Times