Focus on the Bible: Psalms 1-89
The Lord Saves
By: Eric Lane
Category: Commentaries

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A Psalm is a poem set to music and sung. This sets the book of Psalms apart from other Scripture. You will find other Psalms and songs scattered throughout the Word of God - some are also used for worship - but they tend to be part of the narrative. Because people think of the Psalms purely as a song book, people have tended to overlook the Psalms as a book of teaching. In fact, some have even considered the book of Psalms as a less important portion of Scripture.

Yet, for many centuries the Psalms would have been the most familiar part of scripture to people who had no access to books. They are not only an integral part of the shared experience of the church, but they also communicate God's guidance to this world, unfurl his character, and encourage his people.

The range of subjects covered in the book of Psalms is staggering! They extol God's greatness and invite repentance, express commitment to his covenants and adherence to his law, and look forward to the coming Messianic kingdom. The style is predominantly praise but includes prayers, complaints, and curses Many were composed as liturgy, to be sung by God's people together, others are private and personal, yet have still found a place as shared worship in the church.

This volume covers the first 3 books of the psalms (Psalms 1 to 89). A second volume covers books 4 and 5 (Psalms 90-150) and includes an appendix with a suggested chronological order.

About the Author
Eric Lane trained to be a minister in the Church of England where he remained for 7 years. He was then called to be the minister of an Independent Evangelical Church where he pastored for 30 further years. Now retired, Eric's special interest is in the Wisdom books of the Old Testament.