Focus on the Bible: Mark
Good News from Jerusalem
By: Geoffrey Grogan
Category: Commentaries

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Mark's Gospel is a book for today's people in today's world. It is vivid, appealing, and powerful to the eye of the imagination.

We live in an age of new interest in the supernatural with so many possibilities of deception. Here is Jesus, the True God and perfect Man, working the supernatural works of God.

Today harrowing pictures of suffering bombards us all and we ask “Why?” In Mark, we find God's great Suffering Servant, showing us that God cares.

Most of all today's people are fascinated by Jesus himself. Who was this Man? Indeed, if, as Mark believed, he really did rise from the dead, we should re-phrase the question, “Who IS this Man? Who did he claim to be?” All this and much more, Mark's dynamic book brings to us.

About the Author
Dr. Geoffrey W. Grogan was the Principal Emeritus of Glasgow Bible College before it became International Christian College, Glasgow. His theological studies were undertaken there and at the London Bible College. He served the College as a full-time lecturer for fourteen years before going south in 1965 to teach at LBC. In 1969, he returned to Glasgow as principal. He served on four missionary councils, on the Strathclyde Education Committee and the Management Committee for the Cambridge University Diploma in Religious Studies. He wrote books on the Trinity, the Person of Christ, Paul, the Psalms and commentaries on Isaiah, Mark and 2 Corinthians. Dr. Grogan passed away in August of 2011.