January 1

Be with me, Lord, as I step out on the untrodden way of this new year. I know not what it may bring of joy or sorrow, of temptation or service; but I humbly commit myself and my way to you. Make the best that you can of me for your glory.

January 2

I bless you, O Son of God, that there is no need for me to go up to heaven to bring you down or into your grave to bring you up. You are here, in this hour and at this place. I confess you as Lord and believe in my heart that you are risen from the dead.

January 3

You have said, O Lord Jesus, that anyone who believes in you has everlasting life. I do now believe. With my whole heart I look to you as Savior, Friend, and King; and in this glad hour I receive from your hand not only life, but life more abundantly.